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Saturday, March 2, 2024

United Arab Emirates Introduces a New Charter for Regulating Fatwas in the Country

In a significant move, Abu Dhabi has introduced the “Abu Dhabi Charter for Scientific Developments” during the Second International Conference for the UAE Council for Fatwa.

Aims and Audience

This charter is designed to address the need for coordination and collaboration among Fatwa institutions and Shari’a specialized bodies, emphasizing the importance of pooling expertise to formulate precise perceptions of scientific advancements.

A Forward-Looking Conference

The two-day conference convened global experts to discuss a range of topics, from artificial intelligence and space exploration to sustainability and surrogacy.

Timely Response to Challenges

Senior officials emphasize that the charter’s release is well-timed, responding directly to the challenges and innovations of recent times.

Chairman’s Perspective: Charter

Abdullah bin Bayyah, Chairman of the UAE Council for Fatwa, describes the charter as a response to the emergence of new inventions and discoveries. He points to rapid digital advancements that impact many aspects of life, including health, economics, space science, energy, climate, agriculture, and artificial intelligence. The charter addresses questions about Shari’a provisions relating to these developments, which lack reference texts or prior examples for guidance.

Director General’s Insights

Dr. Omar Habtoor Al-Darei, Director General of the UAE Council for Fatwa, underscores that the charter serves as a starting point for integrating scientific advancements with Shari’a principles and values. The goal is to find appropriate solutions, propose effective methodologies while maintaining adherence to Shari’a and Fiqh.

Comprehensive Approach: Charter 

He points out that the charter offers a scholarly reference, a structured framework, and approaches for managing Fatwa concerning scientific developments. These approaches encompass inclusivity, jurisprudence, extrapolation, and integration, considering both Shari’a and scientific factors.

UAE Council for Fatwa

Established in the UAE, the UAE Council for Fatwa holds the exclusive authority to issue general Sharia’a fatwas in the country.

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