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Friday, March 24, 2023

New entertainment venue, market comes to Jenks

New entertainment venue, market comes to Jenks

A new entertainment venue, “Jencks Market,” is coming to downtown Jenks.

Tenth District leaders hope the new venue will boost business in the Jenks community. The 12,000 square foot “Jenks Market” features a variety of restaurants, a giant outdoor movie screen and outdoor seating for people to enjoy. The site is specially designed for Jenks and hosts a variety of live entertainment and different sporting events.

District 10 has partnered with “Frisbie Lombardi Commercial Real Estate” for new additions. Lombardi, who owns Frisbie Lombardi Commercial Real Estate, said his team was working hard to keep restaurants – some even out of state – safe. He said they are trying to make the site as attractive as possible for visitors.

“We’re taking the whole lot of land, so parking is a big thing that we have to go through. We’re working with the city right now on that, and the city is obliged to give us some parking on the aquarium land,” Lombardi said .

The organization also works with existing businesses in the area to improve their operations. Tenth District leaders are encouraging businesses to take advantage of the city’s tax incentives, which will help pay for some of the upgrades. Maggie’s Music Box is one of them.

“When you’re trying to elevate and transform a town’s main street and elevate it to such an eye-catching level, sometimes you need help as an entrepreneur,” said Amy Smith, co-owner of Maggie’s Music Box.

Jenks Market is being built between the Oklahoma Aquarium and the Holiday Inn Express. The facility will open within the next 6 months.

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