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Weather Update for New Year’s Eve in the UAE: Is Rain Expected?

As the year concludes, Dubai residents are bracing for dense cloud cover and a potential drizzle in the evening, as forecasted by Eisa Al Sereidi, Head of General Meteorology at the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM). Discussing the current weather scenario with Khaleej Times, Sereidi noted a gradual reduction in fog cover in the coming days.

New Year’s Eve Projections

Looking specifically at New Year’s Eve, December 31, internal areas may experience fog, while cloud cover is expected over coastal regions, particularly in the north and east. The overall forecast suggests fair to cloudy conditions, with a possibility of light rain or drizzle and potential lightning.

Transition to the New Year: New Year’s Eve

As the calendar turns, the outlook for the first day of the new year points to fair to partly cloudy conditions, especially over coastal areas. Sereidi explained that moisture from the West may lead to scattered clouds and potential drizzling, starting over the sea and gradually moving towards coastal areas like Dubai and Sharjah.

December Rainfall Trends

Reflecting on December’s weather patterns, Sereidi highlighted lower rainfall compared to previous years, attributing it to a persistent high-pressure system over the UAE preventing rain-bearing clouds from dispersing.

Weekend Weather and Regional Impact: New Year’s Eve

The upcoming weekend is anticipated to prolong high-pressure conditions, resulting in rainfall in Saudi Arabia. This weather system is expected to shift across the Arabian Gulf towards Iran, potentially causing drizzling in the region.

Cautions for January: Brace for Colder Days

Residents are cautioned to expect colder days in January, historically the coldest month. Sereidi warned of a potential temperature drop of four to five degrees, influenced by strong northwesterly winds.

Temperature Snapshot from Ras Al Khaimah

Highlighting a recorded temperature of 9.9ºC on a mountain in Ras Al Khaimah, Sereidi emphasized the likelihood of colder temperatures as nights lengthen.

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