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Staggered Timings: Traffic Conditions Improve in the UAE as Residents Urge Schools to Implement-1

Staggered Timings Residents and drivers are enjoying a break from heavy traffic during the holiday season. However, concerns arise about the impending return to school, prompting calls for the adoption of staggered school timings to ensure smoother traffic flow.

Staggered Timings Proposal

Long-time Dubai resident Ferdinand Fraga, familiar with the challenges of navigating roads for work at Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, proposes the implementation of staggered school entry times. Fraga emphasizes that current drop-off and pick-up times around schools significantly contribute to traffic delays.

Realizing Time Savings: Staggered Timings

Fraga reports a time saving of around 20 percent in the past few days when school-related traffic subsided. He suggests a staggered entry for schools as a solution to reduce the number of cars on the road during peak morning hours.

Success at Bloom World Academy

Bloom World Academy in Al Barsha South has already embraced staggered school timings with a 9 am start, making them the first school in the UAE to do so. John Bell, the founding principal, highlights the positive impact on families, reducing stress and traffic congestion.

Flexibility in School Timings

At Bloom World Academy, the initiative extends beyond staggered start times. The school operates from 7 am to 7 pm, providing families with flexibility in their schedules. This approach has garnered positive feedback from both parents and students.

Parental and Student Perspectives

Parents, such as Farrah McLean-Reeks, share how the later school start has positively influenced their daily routines, offering a calmer morning and more quality time for preparation. Students appreciate the later start for its impact on their well-being and family bonding.

Medical Insights

Doctors support the idea of later school start times for students. Dr. Sanjay Udhani and Dr. Gorika Bansal stress the importance of healthy sleep for children’s overall development. They highlight the detrimental effects of early school start times on health, attention span, behavior, and productivity.

Educational Feasibility: Staggered Timings

While some educators express reservations about the feasibility of staggered school timings, Bloom World Academy’s John Bell argues that learning is not compromised. The school supports the 9 am start with co-curricular activities before and after official school hours.

Traffic Solutions: Staggered Timings

Traffic experts, including Thomas Edelmann of RoadSafetyUAE, endorse measures to reduce school-related traffic during rush hours. Suggestions include promoting school bus transportation, carpooling schemes, and exploring staggered start and finishing times in areas with a high concentration of schools.

As discussions around alleviating traffic congestion continue, the focus remains on finding practical solutions for the benefit of residents and motorists in the UAE.

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