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‘No longer alone’: Filipino nurse in UAE celebrates New Year with cat gifted by terminal cancer patient – News

‘No longer alone’: Filipino nurse in UAE celebrates New Year with cat gifted by terminal cancer patient – News

She named the kitten Xanax, one of the drugs prescribed to Emirati women battling breast cancer

published: Saturday, December 31, 2022 at 11:18 am

For the past 12 years, nurse Maricor Moralina has been celebrating New Year’s Eve alone in the UAE – but not today. This time around, the Filipino expatriate will ring in 2023 with Xanax, a cat she received as a gift from her late Emirati patient.

Maricor, a senior registered nurse in the Medical Oncology Inpatient Unit at Burjeel Medical City, Abu Dhabi, became emotional when she recalled how she had adopted Xanax a few months earlier.

“As a nurse working in the oncology department, I have had many beautiful and touching things happen with patients. However, there is one patient I will never forget, especially Mom (pseudonym). Mom is a breast cancer palliative care Emirati patient. She is getting weaker by the day as she battles the disease. I am very attached to her because we always chat whenever I give her medicine,” Maricor told Khaleej era.

During one such interaction, the mom asked Maricor if she liked pets, and asked whether she preferred dogs or cats. Maricole, who has always had a soft spot for animals, said she prefers cats to dogs. Mom then told her about the cats she had at home. But they did not discuss the topic again.

Day by day, week by week, things got worse for Mom. She became weak and in great pain. Later, her condition deteriorated to the point where she needed oxygen. Maricor and the rest of the care team did their best to make her comfortable at this stage.

“Mom’s family knew what she was going through. I loved the way they cared for her. From her husband to her son and daughter-in-law, seeing how the whole family loved her right up to her final days and mom’s last breath , was amazing. My hat off to Mom’s husband, who was there for her and supported her to the end. Soon, we lost her,” recalls Maricor.

A week after her mother died, Maricor received a heartbreaking call from her son who said his mother had left her a cat. As someone who has always wanted to adopt a pet, she is grateful for the opportunity to have her mom’s cat.

“I am delighted and touched by this move. I accepted because I wanted to adopt a pet but was waiting for the right opportunity. I have lived alone in the UAE all these years but now I have a kitten who will keep me company This is a thoughtful gift from my wonderful patient. Every time I come home and see my furry friend, I think of my mom. I can hear him meow when I pull into the parking lot. He knows something about me Time to get back from get off work. For the first time in years, I’m not celebrating New Years alone,” said Maricor, who chose the name Xanax after prescribing his mother one of the drugs.

Maricor was delighted to take the Xanax to watch the record-breaking fireworks display at the Sheikh Zayed Festival in Al Wathba.

“I will always remember Mom and her family and their kindness to our healthcare workers. I have many warm memories of patients like Mom. This interaction has allowed me to focus on my career,” Maricor emphasized, And added that she loves her job as a nurse.

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