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Norwegian Prima Shows/Entertainment Summer Musical

Norwegian Prima Shows/Entertainment Summer Musical

As soon as I heard that “Summer: The Donna Summer Musical” was going to be Norway Prima Show, I’m excited. I’ve seen many top-notch shows aboard Norway’s boats over the years, as the company has brought countless Broadway shows to sea, including Rock of Ages and Wacky Boots. The shows have been scaled back slightly, taking them from two acts to 90 minutes that fit on board, but are still one of the most well-produced shows you’ll see on board.

Norwegian Surface Appearance
(Photo by Teresa Russell)

I booked tickets in advance – yes, you do need to reserve a seat. Reservations do not reserve specific seats, but guarantee a spot in the theater. If you have a certain seating preference, but be sure to arrive as soon as the theater opens. (Guests staying at The Haven have a special area of ​​the theater reserved just for them and are escorted into the theater by a concierge.)

If you are not lucky enough to get a reservation, please be in the standby queue at least 10 minutes before the show. Whether it’s because the theater wasn’t completely full, or because those who didn’t show up at the time lost their reservations, there’s a good chance you got in. It’s also worth remembering that both the lower and lower levels have access to the upper level of the theater. In my experience, the upper tiers tend to have more accessible seats.

With this show and others, I’ve found that availability changes frequently, so don’t give up if your preferred show time isn’t available initially.

The show interweaves three different time frames of Donna Summer’s musical career and life into one coherent program. Three different performers play the role of Donna at different stages of her life and career as Duckling Donna, Disco Donna and Diva Donna. Kimberley Locke was a finalist on the second season of “American Idol” as Diva Donna. Valerie Curlingford plays Disco Donna, from the Netherlands. As Duckling Donna, D’Nasya Jordan sang the story of Duckling Donna’s youth.

After the show, the entire theater becomes Studio 54 and the party begins!

The theater was transformed into a disco where guests were free to dance to the popular Donna Summer song. The 85-minute show gives her time to commemorate more than 20 of her best songs. The show tastefully shares Donna’s life story, but I did start to fidget a little towards the end, not realizing that the production would be longer than other shows I’ve seen.

The performances were full of energy and really kept me going till the end. “Summer: The Donna Summer Musical” did not disappoint.

Other Norwegian Prima shows

Just like making shows, game shows require tickets. “The Price is Right LIVE on NCL” features Norway Prima and held in theaters. How clever it is to design a theater that can be transformed to accommodate a variety of performances and events.Nice to see the atrium in Prima Freedom from games, sporting events, and other group entertainment.

In “the price is right” this is true. The set is like a live show. When you reserve your place, you will receive a name badge and be eligible to attend. Hang on a tag worn on the day of booking. If you would like to see a show but not participate, you can opt out. Do this when you initially book your place. Contestants are randomly selected by computer.

I don’t think I’ve seen “The Price is Right” since the days of Bob Barker, but was impressed with the set. Guests who are invited to participate do win real prizes. Just like on a TV show, the winner will be required to pay taxes on their winnings. Norwegian will assist with shipping prizes.

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You don’t need to join a large group or rely on others to entertain you Norwegian Prima. There are a variety of options for entertaining yourself at your leisure. Be sure to check Freestyle Daily for hours.

Prima track karting in Norway
Prima Circuit (Photo: Theresa Russell)

Several Norwegian ships have tracks, but Norway Prima Its three-tiered Prima Speedway track essentially wraps around the boat’s funnel and surpasses all of that. There are height and weight restrictions. Riders must be at least 55 inches tall to ride alone. Tandem go karts are perfect for shorter people to enjoy the experience. The maximum weight of the cart is 300 lbs. Each 8-lap ride costs $15. The Unlimited Pass costs $199.

For those who like to watch, there are observation decks. Find laser guns that you can use to power your favorite driver’s car. Simply pressing the magic button – a very small dot on the driver’s helmet – gives them an advantage.

Other new events include Tee Time, an interactive miniature golf course. The fee is $15 for each nine holes. There is no free mini golf on board.

The Tee Time golf course offers many interactive elements, more elaborate than what you’ll see on most boats…   But it will cost you!

There are several lounges for playing darts near the court. These individual rooms, which look like something from a stately estate, include scoreboards that not only keep track of your score, but show where your darts land.

Norwegian Junior Darts
(Photo courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line)

Pickleball is the latest craze – find shuffleboard and other table games in The Stadium area. Here you’ll also find several beer pong tables, as well as an unusual tubular ping pong table to take your game to the next level.

stadium norwegian prima
Stadium area (photo courtesy of Theresa Russell)

The Drop allows riders to slide down 10 floors on a dry slide. It is believed to have the greatest g-forces at sea and is sure to provide a heart-pounding experience. Rush is a two-person racing slide. There’s also the Wave waterslide, which takes tube-riding thrill-seekers down a steep incline before pushing them up a steeper incline. It’s a quick experience, but exciting nonetheless.

Norway slide prima
Drop slideshow (photo courtesy of Theresa Russell)

Speaking of G-forces, some of the simulators in the Galaxy Pavilion will give you the experience of a lifetime. I tried the roller coaster and it didn’t take me long to close my eyes so as not to get sick during the experience. I wonder if anyone actually gets sick during these virtual reality experiences.

Norway Prima Galaxy Pavilion Virtual Reality
Galaxy Pavilion VR “ride” (Photo: Theresa Russell)

There are 14 experiences to choose from at the Galaxy Pavilion, including an escape room, a Topgolf swing suite and four ultra-immersive simulators. Each experience costs $8 per person. Many experiences accommodate more than one person. Daily pass prices are $49.

Norway Prima Provide a wealth of entertainment options. Rock music by Syd Norman’s or comedy by Improv are worth checking out, but be sure to get there early as space is limited. Reservations are required for impromptu performances.

Whether you’re looking for something to get your heart rate up or you prefer to sit back, relax and listen to music in your favorite spot, you’ll find it on this latest boat.

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