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Nutanix Announces Participation in Gitex Global 2022


Nutanix (NTNX), a leader in hybrid multi-cloud computing, announced its participation at Gitex Global 2022 under the theme “Use the cloud on your terms” to help regional organizations master the art of cloud freedom.

The company will share its vision and strategy, emphasizing that enterprises should not settle for cloud clutter, but instead embrace a hybrid multi-cloud platform that prioritizes simplicity, flexibility and freedom of choice.

One of the key areas of Gitex discussions that Nutanix executives aim to have with customers and partners will revolve around “data” – the new currency in the digital world. It is increasingly difficult for companies to manage their databases in an efficient manner.

Likewise, Nutanix Cloud Platform makes IT infrastructure invisible, and Nutanix Era is database lifecycle management software running on Nutanix Cloud Platform, enabling organizations to achieve database invisibility. Era can manage databases deployed on on-premises infrastructure and public clouds of choice, making it a true multi-cloud solution that can be used to modernize databases.

Nutanix will be exhibiting its H6-A30 booth at Gitex in Hall 6. The focus is on emerging alliances, including HYCU, ArcServ and Stratodesk. Nutanix will be hosting a series of executive dinners during Gitex, and it also plans to sign several memorandums of understanding at the company’s booth.

“We look forward to welcoming our customers, partners and alliances at Gitex. We invite them to join us, learn and understand how Nutanix can help them on their cloud journey. As always, being able to Connecting with this valuable ecosystem at scale and in person remains a great blessing for us in the region.

Over the past year, Nutanix has repackaged its solution to make it simpler to provide a consistent operating model across all types of clouds: public, private and hybrid.

The company has created a suite of easy-to-use solutions to support customers’ digital transformation initiatives. The new product portfolio removes the complexities typically associated with delivering a full range of hybrid cloud services.

Simplification of packaging, metering and pricing enables customers to easily plan for their changing needs. Customers can accelerate their cloud journeys with Nutanix-validated design and deployment best practices, five common use cases around which companies design their solution portfolio. The company is keen to showcase these innovations at Gitex:

Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure (NCI): Provides a complete software solution, including virtual compute, storage and networking, for virtual machines and containers that can be deployed in private data centers or public clouds on the hardware of an organization’s choice.

Nutanix Cloud Manager (NCM): If an organization is managing multiple cloud deployments, Nutanix can help customers accelerate their cloud journey by driving consistent governance across private and public clouds.

Nutanix Unified Storage (NUS): Nutanix supports a variety of workloads deployed anywhere – private, public or hybrid, allowing software-defined storage for multiple protocols (volumes, files, objects). This is a single point of management for all storage resources.

Nutanix End-User Computing Solutions: That means running applications and workloads anywhere, on any device that supports the new normal of remote work and distance learning.

Nutanix Database Services (NDB): Simplifies database management across hybrid multicloud environments for database engines such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle Database.

Mohammad Abulhouf, Senior Sales Director, Nutanix Middle East, said: “When it comes to cloud, organizations want everything: affordability, simplicity, unified cloud management, solid security protocols, guaranteed service levels, and easy application and workload migration. This has led many enterprises to move to a hybrid multi-cloud computing model, which 83% of IT decision makers in our fourth annual Enterprise Cloud Index survey considered ideal for them. But deploying and managing hybrid multi-cloud is complex. Here’s how Reasons why it’s critical to look for three primary factors (flexibility, simplicity, and choice) when evaluating deployment and management options. Nutanix cloud infrastructure meets all of these requirements. We help organizations with an open, software-defined hybrid multicloud platform Simplify cloud complexity so they can focus on business outcomes and new innovations.”

“Gitex brings together the world’s greatest minds and leading technology companies. As an organization leading innovation in the cloud computing space, Nutanix sees this event as an important platform to promote our brand and connect with those looking to leverage cloud computing in their own way. High-level discussions with regional businesses of strength.” -TradeArabia News Service


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