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Residents in the UAE Invest in Dental and Optical Insurance Coverage, Ranging from Dh3,000 to Over Dh100,000

Optical Insurance Coverage Health insurance plans in the UAE, encompassing dental and optical insurance coverage, exhibit a diverse pricing spectrum—ranging from Dh3,000 to well over Dh100,000 per person. Industry insights shed light on the determining factors.

Founder’s Perspective on Inclusions

Avinash Babur, CEO of Insurancemarket.ae, shares that the integration of eye and dental coverage initiates at approximately Dh4,500 for UAE residents. However, this cost is subject to variables like age, hospital networks, and coverage zones.

Comprehensive Coverage Impact on Costs: Optical Insurance Coverage

Comprehensiveness plays a pivotal role in shaping costs, with Babur emphasizing that more extensive coverage and premium hospital networks elevate the insurance plan’s cost, potentially exceeding Dh100,000 per person. This wide cost range caters to the diverse needs of buyers, spanning from basic to highly comprehensive coverage.

Specifics on Optical and Dental Costs

Breaking down the specifics, Babur details that optical coverage starts at Dh400, featuring a sub-limit of Dh1,500 and a 20% copay. Dental coverage incurs an additional cost of around Dh600, with a sub-limit of Dh3,000—figures subject to variation among insurers.

August Surge in Health Insurance Rates: Optical Insurance Coverage

Recent reports from Khaleej Times highlight a surge in health insurance rates of up to 35% in August, further impacting the cost dynamics for residents.

Policy Bazaar’s Insights on Mandated Plans

Toshita Chauhan, Business Head at Policy Bazaar, underscores that the basic insurance mandated by the Dubai Health Authority covers optical and dental treatment solely in emergencies.

Breakdown of Comprehensive Individual Plans

Chauhan elaborates on comprehensive individual plans starting at Dh3,000, outlining dental treatment coverage with a limit of Dh1,500 and a 20% copay. Optical coverage is included for Dh1,500, featuring sub-limits on necessary glasses, frames, and lenses.

Group Insurance Dynamics: Optical Insurance Coverage

For those opting for group insurance, Chauhan details the variance in plans. A cost-effective network list may translate to Dh100 for optical coverage with a 20% copay and Dh1,500 limit (reimbursement only). Dental coverage, under such a plan, could cost Dh300 with a limit of Dh3,500 and a 20% copay.

Age as a Premium Influencer

Babur emphasizes that premiums substantially increase with the age factor, particularly when incorporating eye and dental coverage. Older individuals pose a higher risk, leading to increased premiums due to the likelihood of medical interventions related to eye and dental health—an inherent aspect of health insurance plans.

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