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Pakistani cricket fan scores Dh1 million in Mahzooz draw

In a remarkable development, Mahzooz, the UAE’s leading weekly draw with the highest and most frequent payouts, recently celebrated 799 winners, generously awarding them a total of Dh1,396,500 in cash prizes during its 144th draws on September 2.

Two fortunate individuals stood out in these latest draws: Muhammad, a Pakistani expat who secured the guaranteed raffle draw prize of Dh1 million, and Nimil, an Indian expatriate who clinched the final Golden Summer Draw prize of Dh50,000 in gold coins.

Despite their diverse backgrounds, these winners share inspiring stories that underscore the incredible opportunities offered by Mahzooz every week.

Muhammad, a 27-year-old finance manager with a passion for cricket and bodybuilding, has a heartwarming tale of success. He and his wife moved to the UAE almost a year ago and have been regular participants in Mahzooz. “I still can’t believe I won, especially since I bought my Mahzooz water bottle just 25 minutes before the cutoff time,” Muhammad humbly shared, clearly astonished. “I didn’t check my email initially because my friend and I were planning to watch the cricket match between India and Pakistan, which got canceled due to rain. I thought I had won the third prize of Dh250. However, my friend insisted that I check my Mahzooz email. It turned out he had a hunch that I would win something big that night, and he was right – I won Dh1 million.”

Muhammad plans to use the prize money to settle his financial obligations and embark on a religious journey to Saudi Arabia. He also intends to support the education of underprivileged children in his home country, aligning with Mahzooz’s commitment to community giving. He expressed gratitude to Mahzooz for providing individuals like him a chance to change their lives. “I will keep chasing my dream of winning Dh20 million until I achieve it!” he confidently stated.

The next inspiring story features Nimil, a 38-year-old Indian father of three who arrived in the UAE in his early twenties with a mechanical engineering degree and a determination to succeed in the land of opportunities. After 15 years of hard work to support his family, Nimil emerged as the fifth and final winner of the Golden Summer Draw for this season, taking home Dh50,000 in 22-carat gold coins. Expressing heartfelt appreciation to Mahzooz, he said, “This reward is a lifeline that will help me establish financial stability and a safety net for my family.”

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