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Pet tags could reduce around 100,000 stray cats in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and this company is doing just that


There are believed to be an average of 100,000 to 150,000 stray cats in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Also, with a large number of cats disappearing in the UAE every day, it becomes even more important to protect your furry friends. One easy way is through pet ID tags! What it does is that if your pet goes missing, it is easily identified and the founders know immediately that the pet has family. To that end, Carlie Leake founded Where My Paws At, an app designed to keep pets safe. Here’s what she reveals about practical tips for keeping your fur babies safe!

“It took me 12 months to design and develop my claws,” Carlie Leake

According to Carlie Leake, founder of Where My Paws At, most pet parents are unaware that there is no central microchip database in the UAE. Beyond that, Leake said, “Why is this important and what are the implications if your pet is lost or found, especially if their pet is not wearing an identification tag. The current ongoing problem, especially with cats, It’s that they are taken from one community and moved to another, and in some cases they are stolen for breeding illegally. This is where I spent the last 12 months designing and developing the UAE’s first pet safety app The reason for My Paws At.”

Speaking of the pet safety app, Leake mentions, “Registered vets, charities and rescuers use a central microchip platform to check microchip details for free. But we’re more than just a microchip platform! Our smart tags link to our application。 Each tag comes with a unique QR code that, when scanned in your tag, reveals important information from your pet’s profile. All that is needed to access this information is a camera phone. “

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“The direct call function allows people to find people to contact pet parents directly”

In fact, founders have a cool way to connect with pet parents! Elaborating on this, she said, “Our direct call feature allows finders to contact you directly and share your exact location, via app alerts and email. People who find your pet don’t need to install our An app is what makes the tags work. Our tags don’t just contain a name and number, they also contain important information such as your registered veterinarian, the last 4 digits of your microchip number, and your pet’s personality traits.”

Out of personal experience, she shared: “I never thought my indoor cat, Moo, would go missing, but he was missing for 3 days. Now, I make sure my indoor cat and my dog ​​always wear their Where My Paws At Pets Tag.”

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