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Pianists Julia Kociuban and Sanaz Sotoudeh discuss performing in Dubai

VIP Classical, led by Alexandra Miteran of SAMIT Event Group, champions the global cultural legacy of classical music, offering timeless delight to a worldwide audience.

The initiative, held at Dubai Opera, showcases celebrated artists in the contemporary artistic sphere, exemplifying VIP Classical’s commitment to integrating classical music into Dubai’s cultural landscape.

Pianists Julia Kociuban and Sanaz Sotoudeh are set to grace the upcoming performance on August 27, featuring compositions by eminent creators such as Grażyna Bacewicz, Frédéric Chopin, and more. We delve into their insights regarding this concert and their thoughts on the enchanting realm of classical music. Here’s a glimpse of the conversation:

Q: How do you feel about being part of VIP Classical’s concert series in the UAE? Julia: It’s an honor to collaborate with SAMIT Event Group for this Dubai Opera concert. The UAE’s rich cultural heritage makes performing here truly special. The concert’s organization is a testament to the team’s dedication, and I’m thrilled to share my music with such an appreciative audience.

Sanaz: I’m excited to perform in the VIP Classical series at Dubai Opera. It’s impressive to witness SAMIT Event Group’s commitment to showcasing quality classical music. The UAE audience’s response has been inspiring.

Q: The program comprises diverse pieces. How do you transition between varied musical moods during the performance? Sanaz: While Beethoven and Liszt belong to different eras, both pieces convey romantic emotions. Liebestraum evokes a passionate, melodic singer accompanied by piano, whereas Beethoven’s Moonlight conjures an orchestral aura.

Q: With your international performances, how do you connect with diverse audiences and make your music resonate with them? Julia: Music’s power lies in its ability to evoke universal emotions. My repertoire focuses on pieces with broad emotional appeal that transcend cultural boundaries, uniting people through shared experiences.

Sanaz: Music transcends borders; expressive performances communicate universally. Having performed for diverse audiences, I believe quality music resonates regardless of background.

Q: Sanaz, as a Canadian pianist performing in the UAE, what message do you hope to convey through your music? Sanaz: Canada’s diverse society inspired me. Similarly, UAE’s cultural diversity fuels my performances. I aim to promote understanding through my work, celebrating the significance of cultural expressions.

Q: How do you maintain the balance between honoring the composer’s intent and adding your unique touch? Julia: My unique interpretation arises from delving into the composer’s intent, allowing their musical essence to merge with my own voice.

Sanaz: I respect the UAE audience’s enthusiasm for classical music. I choose well-known pieces that resonate with listeners new to the genre.

Q: What excites you most about performing at Dubai Opera on August 27? Julia: Inspiring and touching hearts through my music.

Sanaz: Sharing renowned classical works in a single live program, fostering appreciation for live performances. In a world captivated by technological marvels, the enchantment of live classical performances remains unparalleled, nurturing the soul and unifying cultures.

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