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Political chaos in Pakistan to linger until September | World News


Declining FDI after May 9, higher short-term inflation, heightened political unrest Imran Niaziof political parties incite attacks military establishment As well as the surge in terrorist-related deaths, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan today is in an all-out war with itself, in which the constitutional institutions also play a role.

A file photo of violence by PTI supporters in Punjab following the arrest of their mercurial leader Imran Khan Niazi in a corruption case on May 9.

The image of Jinnah House and his family, the Commander’s residence, humiliated the Pakistan Army when the then Lahore Army Commander Lieutenant General Salman Fayyaz Ghanni pleaded for mercy in front of PTI rioters on 9 May. While Ghani was fired for cowardice, his successor apparently refused to assume the post of Pakistan’s most powerful corps commander, a sign of divisions within the Army over its actions against Nyazi. The new Lahore regiment commander is Lieutenant General Syed Aamer Raza.

The army under General Asim Munir has now retaliated against PTI politicians and rioters who even desecrated the statues of Pakistani war heroes under the strict Army Act and Official Secrets Act to bypass the prosecution of Niazi and his With the segregation process of Niazi, a one-time soldier of the blatantly weak judiciary under his command, the PTI supreme leader abandoning the former cricketer, the PTI party, once the darling of GHQ in Rawalpindi, is likely to be outlawed.Also read: Imran Khan aide Fawad Chaudhry resigns from PTI after Pakistani government crackdown

Pakistan watchers, however, say uncertainty and turmoil in the Islamic State will continue until September, when Pakistan’s Chief Justice and PTI appoint Pakistani President Arif Alvi to step down, amid the two constitutional leaders’ criticism of Niazi and It has a soft spot for its brand of radical politics.

While the political chaos is overt, Pakistan recorded a total of 226 terrorism-related deaths in April 2023, the highest number since February 2022, as security force deaths jumped 86%, terrorists Killings have increased slightly. The data indicated that terrorist-initiated escalations and increased terrorist capabilities on the ground have seen Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as the most violent region in Pakistan, followed by Balochistan, Sindh and Punjab.

As of April, the Pakistani terrorist group Tehreek-e-Taliban has carried out at least 148 attacks, resulting in 294 casualties, and no less than 28 militant groups have joined the TTP since July 2020, including the Balochistan group. Outlawed jihadist groups like Laskar-e-Toiba (LeT) and Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) openly solicit Pakistani funds ¥During the last Eid, 300 people per family pitched across Pakistan as “Fitrana” with LeT deputy emir and globally designated terrorist Abdul Rehman Makki for the newly formed Pakistan Markazi Muslim League for the upcoming Punjab assembly elections.

Even as Shehbaz Sharif’s government grapples with political chaos in Pakistan on May 9, the country’s economy has hit rock bottom and the IMF has yet to disburse $1.1 billion to the impoverished country. In the first nine months of the fiscal year, short-term inflation based on price-sensitive indices rose to 45.62 percent, and foreign direct investment inflows fell 22.5 percent to $1.04 billion.

Pakistan has attracted the lowest FDI in the region, with inflows falling for the past three years – from $2.6 billion in FY2019-2020 to $1.9 billion in FY2022. The country’s foreign exchange reserves increased slightly during 2019 to $4.46 billion. Week ending April 20.

All in all, Pakistan today is caught between a rock and a hard place, with its economy and political system in jeopardy and the reputation of its saviour, the Pakistani Army, in tatters in the hands of unscrupulous, power-hungry politicians like Niazi.


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