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‘Every Individual Possesses a Voice’: Prajakta Koli Reflects on the Responsibilities Accompanying Content Creation

Prajakta Koli, the renowned Indian YouTuber and content creator, left her mark at the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference, known as COP28, held in the UAE earlier this month. In an exclusive interview with City Times at the Khaleej Times office, she shared insights into her role at the conference, her experiences in the UAE, and her recent venture into writing a romance fiction book.

COP28 Representation and Responsibilities

Being the only YouTuber and content creator from India at the global stage of COP28, Prajakta sees it as both a responsibility and privilege. In her own words, “It comes with a bit of pressure, but I am grateful for the opportunity.” Prajakta emphasizes the importance of creators participating in discussions about climate action, believing that collective efforts, even in small steps, can contribute significantly.

Advocacy for Climate Action: Prajakta Koli 

As a content creator, Prajakta recognizes the influence each creator holds and the role they play in the fight against climate change. She stresses the significance of creators contributing to the collective effort, whether through adopting sustainable lifestyle changes or amplifying voices already working in the field. Prajakta aims to simplify complex climate change-related topics through her content, making them more accessible, particularly to the younger generation.

Prajakta’s Love for the UAE and Culinary Exploration

Sharing her love for the UAE, Prajakta expresses her fondness for the diverse culinary scene. She appreciates the country not only for its food but also for its rapid development. This trip marks her fifth or sixth visit to the UAE, and she enjoys exploring various cuisines, ranging from Italian to Asian, Lebanese to American.

Diverse Content Creation Ventures: Prajakta Koli

Prajakta delves into the differences between creating content for YouTube, films, and her latest venture—writing a romance novel. While YouTube provides instant feedback and connection with the audience, films offer a different scale of creativity and a slower process. Writing a novel, especially in the romance genre, allows her to explore storytelling on a deeper level, focusing on unfiltered comfort and personal connections.

Romance as Unfiltered Comfort: Prajakta Koli 

Explaining her passion for writing a romance novel, Prajakta defines romance as “unfiltered, unjudged comfort—a customizable connection without boundaries.” She expresses a desire to contribute to the romance genre and bring love stories into the spotlight, drawing inspiration from personal connections and experiences.

Prajakta Koli multifaceted journey, from climate advocacy to culinary exploration and romance novel writing, reflects her commitment to diverse ventures and making a meaningful impact in various spheres.

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