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PRG invests in new LED innovations to enhance live entertainment experience


InfiLED’s revolutionary LED Gear Titan-X and Deep Black series are now available to PRG customers and partners

New York, February 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Production Resource Group, LLC (PRG), the world’s leading provider of entertainment and live event production solutions, today announced a major investment in two new LED products from InfiLED. New product, Deep Black (DB) 2.3 Series for high-performance indoor displays, and TITAN-X seriesThe ultimate rental LED system, designed with unique transparency and acoustic transparency for outdoor travel, will be added to PRG’s customer and partner rental inventory beginning Q2 2023.

“Technological advancements in LEDs and stability in the sub-3mm resolution market allow us to respond to customer needs, and we believe these products will be very popular with our Gear customers,” said Todd Spencer, Vice President of PRG Gear. “Following our recent lighting purchase, PRG’s significant investment in this state-of-the-art technology strengthens our position as a premium supplier in the markets we serve.”

In order to achieve the goal of investing in customers and continuing to provide high-quality products, PRG purchased 8,000 panels of DB series LED products with 2.3 pixel pitch, especially considering customers in corporate events and PRG Gear market. This high-quality product is designed for events such as corporate meetings, product launches, booths and immersive experiences that require a high-resolution panel. Additionally, the DB Series features ultra-black masking material and unique black LEDs to create new levels of contrast. It features edge protectors to prevent physical damage, and a quick-lock mechanism for quick installation. Because PRG buys all panels from one manufacturing lot, customers can be assured of consistency within a single LED wall and from wall to wall.

In addition, PRG purchased 840 new TITAN-X outdoor touring panels. The unique +70% transparent design of these large (1200mm x 1200mm) lightweight panels enables speakers to be mounted behind LED walls with virtually no decibel loss and no audio attenuation, providing fans with an unobstructed view of the screen. Featuring an integrated foldable X-frame structure for increased stability and wind resistance, the TITAN-X is perfect for outdoor festivals and events.

The R&D team of PRG comes from BelgiumUK and China TITAN-X developed in close cooperation with InfiLED and offered by PRG EMEA for Indochina tour in 2022 France and MDLBEAST Soundstorm in Saudi Arabia.

“Investing in this new technology enables us to further solidify PRG’s position as a leading provider, meeting the exacting standards of our clients’ logistical and artistic needs and providing an enhanced experience for their audiences,” said Randy HutsonCEO of PRG Music.

For more information on PRG and these two new LED innovations, visit prg.com.

About PRG

The Production Resource Group brings to life the ideas and visions of creators, producers, designers, performers and business leaders for all forms of entertainment and experiences. It is a leading solutions provider in production, supporting events of all sizes with deep expertise and unrivaled technology, and with 62 offices in 28 countries, it serves every corner of the globe. Capabilities span Broadcast, Camera, Audio, Video, Lighting, Rigging, Scenes and Automation, Digital Services, Virtual Production and Labor. With over 250 patents and trademarks, PRG Innovations has won awards and transformed the entertainment industry.For more information, please visit https://www.prg.com/.

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