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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s ‘bold move’ Hollywood party revealed

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are mingling with the Hollywood crowd after nearly three years of largely keeping quiet in the Santa Barbara area.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were seen using their ‘celebrity door’ to arrive for dinner at one of LA’s most exclusive private clubs page six.

The couple walked to the front entrance of San Vicente Bungalows, a chic West Hollywood hotspot owned by hotelier Jeff Klein, where photographers waiting took their shots.

this idle The 38-year-old author is now considered part of an elite group of clubbers, including many studio executives and celebrities, who are paid $4,200 a year, the outlet detailed.

It takes two hours by car to get there. A club member who was at the meeting speculated that the couple had chosen the time as a “bold move” as King Charles had already announced the banishment of their Frog Cliffs.

“I think that’s definitely the statement Frogmore News made that night,” the member said.

“I know San Vincente has celebrity back doors, so no one needs to see you come and go. They’re really all about privacy,” the member told the outlet.

“They have stars that are much bigger than Harry and Meghan come in and nobody will know they’re there. But Harry and Meghan say, ‘We’re fine’ and they don’t need to use it. Even when they leave, they use it Main entrance.”

The couple were joined by two friends as they dined at San Vicente and happily chatted with other guests, including actress Kate Hudson, as they ordered a bunch of healthy dishes that, according to clubbers, they barely had touched.

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