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Prince Harry Gets ‘Sloppily Angry’ During Argument | Entertainment

Prince Harry Gets ‘Sloppily Angry’ During Argument | Entertainment

Prince Harry becomes ‘sloppily angry’ during row with Duchess of Sussex

The 38-year-old prince recalled a bitter disagreement with his wife, admitting he had become “sensitive” and “angry”.

In his new memoir, “Standby,” — excerpts have been shared with Us Weekly — Harry says: “For some reason, I became sensitive when the conversation took an unexpected turn.

“And then get angry. Disproportionately, recklessly angry.”

Harry admitted to overreacting to what his wife said and taking it “the wrong way”.

The prince, who married the duchess in Windsor in May 2018, said the controversy stemmed from cultural differences that existed between them.

Reflecting on the argument and the reasons behind it, Harry said: “I was just oversensitive that night too. I thought: ‘Why is she running at me?’ I snapped at her and spoke harshly to her [and] cruelly.

“As soon as I said that, I could feel everything in the room stop. The gravy stopped bubbling, the air molecules stopped spinning. Even Nina Simone seemed to stop.”

However, the loving duo – who share three-year-old Archie and 19-month-old Lilibet – eventually managed to reconcile their differences, which they quickly moved on from.

Harry recalled: “She was calm but said in a calm, calm tone that she would never stand someone talking to her like that. I nodded. She wondered where this was coming from.

“I have no idea. [She asked,] “Where have you ever heard a man talk to a woman like that? Did you overhear grownups talk like that when you were growing up?” I cleared my throat and looked away [and responded], ‘yes. ‘”

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