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Qatar lobbyist files lawsuit against UAE over latest Emirati espionage scandal – Doha News

Through data leaked by Alp Services, The New Yorker discovered photos of Souid’s apartment in 2017, in which her son can be seen.

A Qatari lobbyist in France has filed a lawsuit against the United Arab Emirates and Alp Services over a reported “violation of her privacy” following an investigation that exposed Abu Dhabi’s influence in Paris.

On Thursday, lobbyist Sihem Souid filed a formal complaint with the Paris prosecutor’s office against the UAE government and the Swiss economic intelligence firm founded by Mario Brero.

“This formal complaint against X is explicitly directed against the UAE government and the Swiss institution Alp Services,” the French investigative agency media section reported Friday.

Development is after a few weeks media section According to reports, a network coordinated by Alp Services on behalf of the UAE may have conducted a disinformation campaign targeting Qatar.

The campaign posted messages linking Qatar to the Muslim Brotherhood through fake accounts.

Souid provided Mediapart with documents and photos at the time that pointed to the role of Emirati secret agents in the campaign.

An Emirati client also proposed to the Swiss agency to spy on “her husband and their company” for “negative information”, the report said.

A Qatari spokeswoman cited “violation of privacy”, “violation of family”, “violation of correspondence secrecy” and “theft” in her complaint.

“What is directly at stake is the physical safety of me and my loved ones. There is an absolute need to investigate these facts, which is not possible in the legal state,” Souid said.

Alp Services and Brero declined to comment to Mediapart on the latest reports, although the Swiss entity’s lawyer, Christian Luscher, asked the French outlet “not to publish any articles”.

Luscher said the information published by the French outlet would be based on “stolen” data and that Alp was preparing legal action against Mediapart.

repeating event

The New Yorker report also corroborated Mediapart’s investigation.

Through data leaked by Alp Services, the US outlet discovered photos of Souid’s apartment taken in 2017, including photos of her son inside the residence.

However, she could not confirm whether the photos were taken through her window or if someone had broken into her apartment.

“I have seen suspicious vehicles watching or following me several times. My wallet and notes were stolen in front of the National Assembly while meeting with representatives,” Souid said.

Souid also questioned the link between the images and events she claimed were targeted by Alp Services between 2017 and 2018.

“My jewelry was taken from me, along with an old phone, my computer and my laptop. I moved out of the apartment in 2019 because of the burglary,” Souid said of the 2018 incident .

The reported incident occurred at a time of heightened tensions in the GCC.

In 2017, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt severed diplomatic relations with Qatar, triggering the GCC crisis.

As the region’s worst dispute ends in 2021, the quartet imposed an illegal land, sea and air blockade on Qatar, accusing it of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.

The network is reportedly behind the publication of the English and Arabic editions of the book “The Qatar Papers”, which falsely accuses Qatar of funding Muslim associations in Europe.

“Whatever hostility the UAE harbors toward Qatar does not justify me being instrumentalized, targeted and destabilizing to weaken my client,” Sueed said.

Alp Services campaign against Lord Energy

this New Yorker A detailed report on Alp Services’ role in the campaign against Hazim Nada, founder of Switzerland-based oil trading company Lord Energy, was recently published.

Nada and his company were reportedly defamed because he was the son of prominent Muslim Brotherhood member and banker Youssef Nada.

“Hazim Nada denied any financial ties to the fraternity, and then suffered a veritable descent into hell: his bank closed his account and stopped funding Lord Energy, which eventually went bankrupt in 2019,” Mediapart said.

Mediapart also reported that Nicolas Clement, a journalist from the far-right weekly Valeurs Actuelles, had published an article targeting the entity, which it said had close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Tugdual Denis, associate editor at Valeurs Actuelles, ruled out any role for Alp in the publication.

“I assure you that this is not the case with the order documents and the reporter has investigated through his various sources, some of which are public. I maintain that we have no connection with Alp Services,” Dennis said.

The article was cited twice in posts by “Tanya Klein,” a pseudonym given to a fake account based on the Swiss company’s reported goal of publishing or influencing as many as 100 articles per year.

Klein published 15 posts against Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood between 2018 and 2021.

Alp allegedly published an article on the Belgian website Histoiresroyales.fr alleging the murder and torture of a member of the Qatari royal family.

However, Nicolas Fontaine, editor of Histoiresroyales.fr. Denies any such sponsored publication, saying Qatar’s article was based on “three sources”.

Last year, a survey Oriental Twenty One The UAE was found to be “cautiously” lobbying a key French partner in an attempt to present Qatar in a negative light.

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