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Rare Holy Quran with Gilded Pages Takes Center Stage at Sharjah Book Fair

Rare Holy Quran Intriguing Exhibit The Sharjah International Book Festival is currently hosting a captivating exhibit, featuring a carefully crafted replica of the Golden Qur’an, which has taken the spotlight at the event.

A Masterpiece from Centuries Ago

Origins of the Manuscript This exhibit showcases a rare replica of an original manuscript dating back to the 11th or 12th century, created by the renowned Persian illuminator and calligrapher, Ibn al-Bawwab, during the early 11th century.

An Exclusive Limited Edition

Preservation and Reproduction The original manuscript is preserved at the Bavarian State Library in Munich and is one of only ten copies produced during its era. The replica, an exclusive edition with only 300 copies, has been meticulously reproduced to match the size, style, and visual appeal of the ancient codex and is the center of attention at the event.

Artistic Brilliance: Rare Holy Quran

Exquisite Craftsmanship Florian Strulz representing Adeva Rare Collectibles, emphasized the artistic magnificence of this Qur’an, with its holy text inscribed in black Naskh cursive writing on gold-coated paper.

Ornate Decorations and Elegance

The manuscript boasts ornate decorations that transcend mere fanciness, making it a unique masterpiece in the world of manuscript art.

Elegance in Detail

A Look at the Manuscript Each chapter heading, or surah, is elegantly written in blue, white, and reddish-brown script.

Mathematical Precision in Art

Intricate Sizing Strulz explained the mathematical precision in the sizing of the letters, with the Arabic letter ‘alif’ serving as the unit of scale, upon which the size of all other letters is based.

Historical Origins

Origins of the Qur’an The original Qur’an, thought to originate from Iraq or Iran during the Seljuk Turks’ rule, is composed of a vivid palette of colors, including white, brown, crimson, and black, all meticulously inscribed by the skilled hands of Ibn al-Bawwab.

Distinctive Style

Characteristics of the School Strulz noted that the vertical letters, slightly slanting to the left, are thoughtfully arranged, showcasing the distinctive style characteristic of the Ibn al-Bawwab school.

Unique Features

Exceptional Artistry An intriguing feature of the first page is the unique arrangement of two surah titles, making this Qur’an a truly exceptional piece of art. The elongated Arabic letter ‘seen’ adds a distinct touch of the school’s style to the ‘bismillah,’ the Arabic phrase translating to ‘In the name of Allah, the most gracious and the most merciful.’

Appreciating Islamic Heritage

The exhibit is a testament to the rich Islamic heritage, offering visitors a rare opportunity to appreciate the intricate artistry and historical significance of this golden manuscript.

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