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Red and white maple syrup pancakes: How Canadians in the UAE will celebrate National Day – News


Communities will come together to showcase their cultural heritage and foster a sense of belonging for everyone

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published: Friday, June 30, 2023 at 5:24 pm

Canadians living in the UAE will celebrate Canada Day on July 1st with joy and pride. Canadian communities will come together to commemorate historic days in their home country, showcase their cultural heritage, and foster a sense of belonging among everyone.

“Canada Day is not just a celebration for Canadians, it is a time for all to come together to appreciate the uniqueness and beauty of Canadian culture. Canadians are incredibly proud of our nation’s respect for diversity. open their hearts to people in the industry,” said Leanne Walper, marketing and communications manager at Canadian University in Dubai.

The festivities kicked off with the Canadian national anthem “O Canada” being sung at home. Then family and friends go to a Canadian restaurant or have breakfast at home. “Then we’ll go to an authentic Canadian restaurant for our breakfast staple — maple syrup pancakes,” Wolper said.

Throughout the day, Canadian cuisine is the focus. On this historic day, poutine is a beloved Canadian dish that can be found in every Canadian home. Canadian restaurants such as Eggspectation and Weslodge in Dubai also serve these delicacies.

The Canadian community is united through various events organized by the Business Council of Canada and other associations. “These gatherings provide a platform for Canadians and individuals from diverse backgrounds to socialize and talk. From casual lunches and dinners to vibrant concerts and festivals, it’s a celebration of togetherness and joy,” Wolper said .

Canadian consuls general also play an important role in organizing Canada Day events, bringing Canadians and friends of Canada together to mark the occasion.

For Michal Gagne, it’s all about connecting with fellow countrymen. “This is the second time I’ve celebrated Canada Day. Last year, I met a lot of Canadians and was surprised to see the turnout for an event at a university,” said Gagne, a finance professional.

“While we are far from our home country, we feel connected and proud of the strong Canadian community here. It is great to see everyone come together to celebrate our heritage,” Gagne said.

Gagne added: “Seeing our flag proudly hoisted on this remarkable landmark, the Burj Khalifa fills us with immense pride and gratitude, reminding us of the strong bond that binds us across continents .”

Every year, the Canadian University in Dubai hosts a special event where everyone is invited to join in the festivities. “For individuals from all backgrounds, this is an opportunity to immerse yourself in Canadian culture, enjoy entertainment and experience the warmth and inclusivity of our country,” Wolper said.


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