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Below is a summary of the current world news briefing.

Prince Harry fails to appear in court, will testify on Tuesday

Prince Harry failed to appear at London’s High Court on Monday, where he is suing a British tabloid publisher, with a judge saying he was surprised by his absence, which the paper’s lawyers called “extraordinary”. King Charles’ youngest son Harry will stand for hours on the witness stand on Tuesday, becoming the first senior member of the British royal family to testify in court in 130 years.

Shelling, looting in Sudanese capital, eighth week of fighting between military factions

Local residents said shelling hit the western part of the Sudanese capital on Monday morning after rival military factions fought overnight, with reports of heightened lawlessness in Khartoum and western Darfur.Fighting between the army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) has intensified for more than seven weeks after a ceasefire brokered by Saudi Arabia and the United States expired late Saturday

Iran to reopen diplomatic missions in Saudi Arabia this week – official

Iran will reopen its diplomatic missions in Saudi Arabia this week, a foreign ministry spokesman said on Monday, months after Tehran and Riyadh agreed to end years of confrontation under a China-brokered deal. In March, Iran and Saudi Arabia agreed to rebuild relations between regional rivals whose hostility has threatened stability and security in the Middle East and fueled regional conflicts from Yemen to Syria.

U.S. Navy shows Chinese warships ‘unsafe interactions’ near Taiwan

The U.S. Navy released a video of what it called an “unsafe interaction” in the Taiwan Strait in which a Chinese warship crossed ahead of a U.S. destroyer in the sensitive waterway, a dangerous incident in deteriorating U.S.-China relations. The meeting came as both countries blamed each other for not holding military talks — the two countries are at odds on everything from trade to Taiwan to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine — and raised fears that future standoffs could spiral out of control.

Russia says it foiled massive attack on Ukraine, but Russian mercenary leader says some lost ground

Moscow said on Monday it had thwarted a major Ukrainian offensive south of Ukraine’s Donetsk region, but Russia’s main mercenary leader said Russian troops had lost ground further north around Bakhmut. Asked whether the attacks represented the start of a long-term Ukrainian counteroffensive to the Russian aggression, Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of Ukraine’s Security and Defense Council, told Reuters: “The war continues. Until complete victory.”

Explainer – Blood, Treasure and Chaos: The Cost of Russia’s War in Ukraine

Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine has killed tens of thousands, displaced millions and sowed economic turmoil around the world. Here are some details of the impact:

Britain’s Sunak says his immigration plan is working, reducing numbers

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said on Monday that his plan to stop migrants arriving by boat had cut border crossings by 20%, an update he hoped would ease criticism of immigration policy in his party and at home . Sunak, who is expected to lead the ruling Conservative Party into a national election next year, pledged to “stop ships” crossing the English Channel as one of his five pledges after taking power last October.

Analysis – Crowded 2024 GOP race helps clear path for Trump’s nomination

The growing number of contenders for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination could clear the way for Donald Trump to win while setting up obstacles for his main rival, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Republican members and strategists said. . Republicans who worry Trump is too polarizing a figure to defeat Democratic President Joe Biden in 2024 fear they will split the anti-Trump vote if too many candidates join the party’s race. That would make the former president a nominee, as he did in a similar situation in 2016.

Explainer – What would it mean if Ukraine joined NATO?

Ukraine, which has been battling a devastating Russian invasion since February 2022, has sought to join NATO as soon as possible, but members of the Western military alliance are divided on how quickly the step should be taken. While eastern European nations hope to offer Kiev some sort of road map at a NATO summit in Vilnius in mid-July, western members such as the United States, France and Germany are wary of any move that could bring the alliance closer to a deal. Go to war with Russia.

India investigates rail accident as train climbs over crash site

An official investigation into India’s deadliest rail accident in more than two decades began on Monday after preliminary findings suggested a signaling fault may have played a role in the crash that killed at least 275 people and injured 1,200. The disaster occurred on Friday when a passenger train collided with a stationary freight train near Balasore district in the eastern state of Odisha, jumped off the tracks and crashed into another passenger train passing in the opposite direction.

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