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Canadian safety watchdog launches probe into fatal loss of Titan submersible

Canadian government regulators opened a safety investigation Friday into the undersea implosion of a tourist submersible on a voyage to the century-old wreck of the Titanic that killed all five people on board. A robotic submersible vehicle deployed by a Canadian search vessel discovered the wreckage field of the Titan submersible on the floor of the North Atlantic on Thursday, ending an intense five-day international rescue effort.

Canadian authorities charge Indian man with immigration fraud targeting students

Canadian authorities on Friday charged an Indian man with issuing fraudulent university offers to Indian students and other immigration-related criminal offences. Indian citizen Brijesh Mishra faces five charges under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) said in a statement.

Warring factions in Sudan expand conflict across the country

Sudan’s two-month-long war is spreading across the country, with the army and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) clashing in several areas on Friday. Two of the three cities in the Sudanese capital, Omdurman and Khartoum, were hit by airstrikes and anti-aircraft missiles overnight. But fighting has intensified in recent days in cities in the fragile Darfur and Kordofan regions west of the capital.

U.S. charges first Chinese fentanyl maker

The U.S. Justice Department on Friday filed criminal charges against four Chinese chemical manufacturing companies and eight individuals for illegally trafficking the chemical used to make fentanyl. Fentanyl, a highly addictive painkiller, is fueling America’s opioid crisis. The indictments mark the first time the United States has sought to prosecute any Chinese company responsible for the production of precursor chemicals used to make painkillers.

Why US investor Jay Bloom refused to ride the doomed Titanic submersible

For a year, Stockton Rush has been trying to convince Las Vegas-based investor Jay Bloom to buy several spots on his company’s submersibles so Bloom and his son can experience visiting the deep The once-in-a-lifetime thrill of sinking the Titanic. Bloom expressed interest in an interview Friday. His son Sean, now 20, was fascinated by the story of the doomed British liner from an early age.

U.S. Supreme Court allows Biden’s shift on immigration enforcement

The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday gave President Joe Biden’s administration the green light to continue implementing guidelines that shifted immigration enforcement toward threats to public safety, putting him in legal battles with Texas and Louisiana Victory over politically controversial issues. The 8-1 ruling overturned a judge’s ruling last year that had ended Department of Homeland Security (DHS) guidelines narrowing the scope of immigration agents’ arrests and targets for deportation.

Ukraine says major counteroffensive is yet to come

Ukraine said on Friday that a major counteroffensive against Russian forces was yet to come, with some troops yet to be deployed, and that operations so far were aimed at “establishing the battlefield”. A senior general reported “real success” in the advance in the south – one of the two main theaters, along with eastern Ukraine.

Nicaragua seizes property of ‘traitor’ businessman, local media report

The Nicaraguan government has confiscated the property of an exiled businessman who was declared a “traitor” to the country earlier this year and stripped of his citizenship, local media reported Friday. The seizure would be the first against such a prominent business figure under President Daniel Ortega.

Moscow accuses Wagner leader of mutiny as Ukraine prepares main counteroffensive

Russia accused mercenary chief Yevgeny Prigozhin of an armed mutiny after he vowed to punish the military leader for killing 2,000 of his fighters, fueling a growing confrontation with senior officials. As the long-running stand-off between Prigozhin and the military’s top brass appeared to reach a critical juncture, Russia’s FSB security service opened criminal proceedings against him and called on fighters from his Wagner private military company to ignore him, TASS said. remarks. Order and arrest him.

Serbian army chief urges NATO, international agencies to protect Kosovo Serbs

Serbian army commanders on Friday urged NATO peacekeepers and other international agencies to step up measures to protect Kosovo’s minority Serbs, adding that “the international community has failed in its obligations.” A day after talks between the European Union, Serbia and Kosovo aimed at ending weeks of violence in the Serb region of northern Kosovo failed to achieve a breakthrough.

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