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Below is a summary of the current world news briefing.

Maduro negotiator says Venezuela govt, opposition making progress on $3.2 billion humanitarian fund

Venezuela’s ruling and opposition parties are making progress on establishing a $3.2 billion U.N.-administered fund aimed at using frozen assets in the country for humanitarian purposes, the top lawmaker of Venezuela’s ruling party said on Monday. During talks in Mexico in November, President Nicolás Maduro’s government and representatives of the U.S.-backed opposition agreed to create the fund to support health care, food and education efforts needed to overcome Venezuela’s long-running social and political crisis. “(The fund) happened and I think we are taking some steps in that direction and we can move to another stage of the dialogue,” Jorge Rodriguez, the government’s chief negotiator and speaker of the National Assembly, told television station Globovision.

North Korea calls for increased readiness, expanded drills

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has pledged to expand military drills and strengthen the country’s combat readiness posture, state media reported on Tuesday, as Pyongyang prepares to mark the anniversary of the founding of its army. Kim Jong-un presided over a meeting of the Central Military Commission of the ruling Workers’ Party on Monday, where officials discussed “major military and political tasks” for this year and “long-term issues of the direction of army building,” KCNA said.

U.S. VP Harris to outline next steps in Ukraine aid at Munich meeting

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris is expected to discuss Washington’s future support for Ukraine when he travels to Germany next week for a major European security conference, as the Russian invasion approaches a year. Harris will travel to Munich, Germany, for the Munich Security Conference on Feb. 16-18, as Ukraine still awaits promised long-range Western missiles and main battle tanks in preparation for a new Russian offensive that could begin next week.

At least 8 dead and many missing in landslides in southern Peru

At least eight people were killed in a landslide caused by heavy rainfall in southern Peru’s Arequipa region, state emergency services said on Monday. Five more people were missing after a landslide near the town of Secocha in Camana province following heavy rains in the region last week, officials said.

In Turkey, nights are filled with screaming and crying as earthquake relief proceeds

The screams of those still trapped in the rubble rang through the night early Tuesday, as relatives wept for loved ones as the death toll rose to more than 3,700 in Turkey and in neighboring northwestern Syria. A 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck the two countries early Monday morning, knocking down entire apartment buildings, collapsing hospitals and leaving thousands injured or homeless.

Massive quake kills 3,700 in Turkey, Syria, survivors hit by weather

A massive earthquake killed more than 3,700 people across swathes of northwestern Syria and Turkey on Monday, as freezing winter weather compounded the plight of thousands more injured or homeless and hampered efforts to find survivors. The 7.8-magnitude earthquake destroyed entire apartment buildings in the Turkish city and caused even more damage to millions of Syrians displaced by years of war.

Biden says U.S.-China ties not weakened by balloon incident

U.S. President Joe Biden said on Monday that relations between Washington and Beijing had not been weakened by the U.S. shooting down a suspected Chinese spy balloon over the weekend. Speaking to reporters outside the White House, Biden said he had always believed the balloon needed to be shot down “as soon as the time is right.”

Zelensky vows reforms to support Ukraine amid defense minister uncertainty

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said personnel changes at the border and on the front would bolster Ukraine’s military efforts amid uncertainty over the future of his defense minister, just as Russia was in the east for the first time in six months. Make progress as well. In a speech Monday night, Zelensky said he wanted to combine military and administrative experience in local and central government, but did not directly address questions about whether his defense minister, Oleksii Reznikov, would Confused about being replaced.

U.S. seeks Chinese balloon remnants, says will keep calm on China

The U.S. Coast Guard established a temporary safety zone in waters off South Carolina on Monday as the military searched for the wreckage of a suspected Chinese spy balloon that was shot down by U.S. fighter jets, and the White House said it would remain calm in relations with the United States. Beijing. President Biden told reporters he had always believed the balloon needed to be shot down and dodged questions about whether the incident would weaken U.S.-China relations.

Illegal miners on Yanomami reservation seek help from Brazilian government to leave

Illegal gold miners accused of causing a humanitarian crisis on Brazil’s largest indigenous reservation are asking authorities to help them leave, a leader and a Brazilian senator said on Monday. Jailson Mesquita, head of Garimpoé’s Wildcat Mining Is Legal movement, aware of the impending military enforcement action to expel them, called on the government to airlift the miners from the Yanomami region or lift the no-fly zone for them to fly out of reservations where mining is prohibited by Brazil’s constitution. On a small plane at a secret airport.

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