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“Revolutionary Platform Assists Jobseekers in Securing Their Inaugural Positions in the UAE”

Jobseekers securing internships and first jobs can be a challenging endeavor for young graduates. However, a UAE-based startup is changing the game, making it easier for the younger workforce to transition into the professional world. Meet Oliv, a specialized recruitment platform catering to individuals under 30 in the Gulf region and Pakistan. The company’s unique focus is on providing opportunities for internships, freelance positions, and remote work, simplifying the process of entering the job market for young graduates.

Connecting Job Seekers and Employers in the Gulf Region

Oliv’s platform has registered an impressive 500,000 candidates and boasts a database of over 10,000 employers in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and other GCC countries. Recognizable companies like Sephora, Careem, Samsung, Canon, Johnson’s, and Bose are among the numerous employers featured on Oliv’s website. This extensive network creates a bridge between job seekers and potential employers, increasing opportunities for the region’s young graduates.

Learning Beyond Employment: Skill Enhancement for Job Seekers: jobseekers

Oliv’s commitment to the professional development of young graduates goes beyond merely listing job opportunities. The platform offers candidates the opportunity to enhance their skills through interactive masterclasses and learning programs. Upon successful completion, candidates receive a valuable certificate that can further bolster their resumes. Additionally, Oliv provides a suite of complimentary resources, including CV writing assistance and interview preparation guides, equipping job seekers with the tools they need to stand out in a competitive job market.

The “Learn and Earn” Philosophy: jobseekers

The essence of Oliv’s mission is encapsulated in the principle “learn and earn.” The platform aims to empower candidates to not only gain knowledge but also effectively secure employment or internships. In a region where over 80% of Oliv’s user base consists of both companies and candidates from the UAE, the platform serves as a pivotal tool for bridging the gap between job seekers and employers. Oliv maintains a stringent vetting process to ensure the quality of candidates and enhance their employability.

Empowering Employers to Find the Right Talent: jobseekers

Oliv’s services extend to employers as well. Companies looking to identify top talent can benefit from options such as purchasing job posts, annual subscriptions, or engaging Oliv’s specialist team for tailored talent acquisition. This innovative platform represents a powerful resource for both job seekers and employers, offering a comprehensive solution for navigating the competitive job market in the UAE.

In conclusion, Oliv is not just a job listing platform; it’s a holistic approach to career development. By empowering young graduates with valuable skills and connecting them with employers, Oliv is playing a significant role in shaping the future of the job market in the Gulf region and Pakistan. As the platform continues to expand its network and offerings, it is poised to make a lasting impact on the professional lives of many young individuals looking to kickstart their careers.

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