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Rixos Dubai Partners with Top Turkish Artists for World Expo


Rixos Premium Dubai, part of the luxury hotel chain Rixos, has announced a fascinating art exhibition in the hotel lobby from 15 June to 15 August in collaboration with respected Turkish artist Deniz Sagdic.

The talented artist, who has exhibited her work in prestigious public venues including Milan, London and Hong Kong, will be displaying some of her stunning creations for guests to admire upon entering the stunning hotel. Known for creating incredible masterpieces from waste materials, Deniz’s style fits perfectly with the Rixos Premium Dubai ethos and commitment to sustainability.

Originally from Mersin, Turkey, she started her art education at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Mersin University in 1999 and graduated in 2003. Since then, she has been involved in many international and national projects, gaining global acclaim for her creative artistic production. Think in a box. Bringing her talents to Dubai, especially Rixos Premium Dubai, is an exciting step for Deniz as the city is a hub of creative expression and individualism.

Deniz Sagdic’s unique artistic style and her innovative use of discarded materials ensure that this exhibition will be a visually pleasing and thought-provoking experience for visitors. Known for her use of recycled materials, her creations are not only stunning but also promote sustainability. Deniz contributes to sustainable development by evaluating various man-made wastes and bringing new perspectives to environmental approaches. Titled “Ready-ReMade,” the art show will feature 14 exquisite works in seven specially designed booths.

The art of Deniz Sagdiç is a remarkable fusion of classical techniques and conceptual art. Through her “Ready-ReMade” project, she breathes new life into everyday objects that would otherwise be thrown away. Deniz separates objects from their physical function, giving them new functions with his unique perspective and making them appealing to the soul.

A strong believer in sustainability, Deniz Sagdic uses her artwork as a medium to prompt viewers to think about their consumption patterns. The human face features prominently in Deniz Sagdic’s artwork because of her belief in its ability to effectively convey emotion and thought. By combining discarded materials with human faces, Deniz aims to remind us of our true nature and challenge society’s notions of consumption.

Rixos Premium Dubai is proud to host Deniz Sagdic’s extraordinary exhibition, adding an artistic touch to their commitment to sustainable development. The hotel lobby will be transformed into a gallery, inviting visitors to explore the depths of Deniz’s creative mind and reflect on his relationship to his environment. – trade arab news agency


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