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Royal Furniture Explores Lucrative Opportunities in Dubai’s Thriving Real Estate Sector

 As the sector in Dubai continues to grow, a number of associated sectors have also witnessed a surge in their fortunes. Prominent among these is the home decor sector, as people are looking for furniture and decor pieces that blend contemporary and traditional.

 Embracing Trends and Showroom Strategy: Real Estate

“We are seeing a renewal of intricate design while pastel colours and sustainable varieties continue gaining more traction. Ceramic materials, glass elements, nude colours, gold plating and black-and-white chic aesthetics are much sought after,” Sulin Sugathan, President and Director – Retail, Royal Furniture, told Khaleej Times in an interview.

The booming real estate market in the UAE has significantly impacted furniture sales for us. With the increasing demand for larger spaces, there is a corresponding need for more furniture. To leverage this trend, we’ve adapted our showroom strategy. Our showrooms now serve as storyboards, allowing customers to connect with and understand the design concepts. This approach enhances the shopping experience, helping customers visualize how our furniture can complement and enhance their larger living spaces. Royal Furniture remains committed to providing innovative and appealing solutions for every home’s furnishing needs as real estate grows.

 Commitment to Sustainability: Real Estate

Sustainability in the furniture industry is an ongoing concern. What are the challenges and opportunities you foresee in terms of sustainable practices?

Sustainability is a paramount concern in the furniture industry. Challenges include sourcing sustainable materials, minimizing waste, and adhering to eco-friendly production processes. At Royal Furniture, we have seized the opportunity to incorporate sustainable practices by manufacturing within the UAE as a strategic move to reduce the carbon footprint associated with international transportation and importing of goods. This aligns with global sustainability goals, allowing us to promote local production and contribute to a greener environment. By prioritizing sustainable practices, we aim to meet the growing demand for eco-conscious furniture while actively addressing environmental challenges in the industry.

 Embracing International Designs and Competitive Pricing: Real Estate

As prominent regional manufacturers, we excel in balancing international designs and competitive pricing in the furniture market. Our large-scale manufacturing capabilities enable swift design implementation and model production, outpacing regional competitors. We stay ahead of trends with a global, 24/7 team, ensuring innovation and affordability go hand in hand. This dynamic approach allows us to swiftly adapt to international design concepts, providing customers with cutting-edge styles at competitive prices and reinforcing our commitment to offering top-quality, trendsetting furniture.

 Shaping the Future of the Furniture Industry: Real Estate

Looking ahead, the future of the furniture industry is shaped by a focus on regional manufacturing, design innovation, quality, and sustainability. We proactively embrace these trends by deepening our commitment to regional manufacturing. By producing locally, we reduce environmental impact and enhance efficiency. Our emphasis on design excellence, uncompromising quality, and timely delivery positions us as industry leaders. Additionally, we are continually expanding our factories to minimize wastage and add more value to our offerings. We are poised to stay ahead in an evolving industry, meeting customer expectations and contributing to a more sustainable future through these strategies.

 Milestones in Regional Manufacturing: Real Estate

In 2023, Royal Furniture embarked on a significant milestone by establishing new regional manufacturing units. The introduction of the Headboard and Metal factories marked a transformative moment for the company. This strategic move not only demonstrated our commitment to regional production but also positioned us to meet the growing demands of the market at a faster pace. These key milestones reflect our dedication to innovation, efficiency, and responding to the evolving needs of customers in the furniture industry. As we continue to expand our manufacturing capabilities, we aim to reinforce our position as a leading and forward-thinking player in the market.

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