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Russia bans media on new ‘extremism’ case against Navalny; Xi, Blinken agree to stabilize US-China ties in rare Beijing talks, more


Below is a summary of the current world news briefing.

Russia bans media coverage of new ‘extremist’ case against Navalny

The trial of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny on new charges of “extremism” will be held behind closed doors, a court spokesman said on Monday. The decision means the media will be excluded from proceedings against President Vladimir Putin’s most prominent and vocal opponent, which could extend his sentence by decades.

Xi, Blinken agree to stabilize U.S.-China ties in rare Beijing talks

China and the United States agreed on Monday to try to stabilize their bitter rivalry to avoid turning to conflict, but announced no major breakthroughs during a rare visit to Beijing by U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. Chinese President Xi Jinping hailed “progress” after shaking Blinken’s hand in the Great Hall of the People, a grand venue usually used to greet heads of state.

Thailand’s parliament to meet soon after pollsters back election result

Thailand’s pollster confirmed last month’s election results on Monday, paving the way for the first parliamentary session in the weeks before a new government is formed. The electoral commission said it had approved the winners for all 500 seats in the lower house, which must meet within 15 days to elect a speaker who will then call a joint session of the bicameral legislature to vote on the prime minister.

After months of protests, Moldova bans pro-Russia Shor party

Moldova’s Constitutional Court declared the pro-Russian party behind the wave of anti-government protests “unconstitutional” on Monday, a ruling that means it will be outlawed immediately. The Sauer Party, led by exiled businessman Ilan Sauer, has led months of protests in the small country bordering Ukraine. Sauer, who lives in Israel, has been accused by the West and Chisinau of trying to destabilize Moldova, and the United States and the European Union have imposed sanctions on him.

Dozens dead as heatwave hits northern India

At least 54 people have died in an area of ​​Uttar Pradesh in northern India over the past few days, and authorities are investigating whether the casualties are linked to the heatwave in the region, The Times of India reported on Monday. Another 45 people died in neighboring Bihar state, local newspapers reported.

UN rights chief seeks presence in China, India

The UN human rights chief called for more support for his office on Monday as he sought to expand its work by opening for the first time offices in India and China, two of the world’s most populous countries, whose human rights records are under pressure. More review. The leaders of the UN human rights office, established after World War II and with offices in 95 countries, play a key role in bringing together suspected perpetrators and working with countries to bring about change.

Families flock to Greek migrant camp as missing in shipwreck

Inside a fenced-off migrant camp near Athens on Monday, relatives hugged survivors while others refused to give up hope of finding relatives who went missing after one of the deadliest shipping disasters in the Mediterranean last week. In the early hours of June 14, an old fishing boat carrying as many as 750 people sank in southwestern Greece. It is understood that only 104 people survived.

Fed up with graft, Guatemalans face familiar names in presidential election

Guatemala holds a presidential election on Sunday, with voters clamoring for a government that can tackle corruption, inflation and violence, but no candidate is expected to garner enough votes to win outright to set the stage for a run-off. Opinion polls show former first lady Sandra Torres, conservative career diplomat Edmond Mulet and right-wing candidate Zuri Rio, daughter of late dictator Efrain Rios Monte The race between Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka was close after one of the favorite candidates was barred from running.

Israeli army, backed by helicopters, kills 5 Palestinians in clashes

Israeli commandos, backed by armed helicopters, killed five Palestinians, including a teenager, and wounded as many as 66 as raids on the West Bank led to an explosion, military and health officials said. Hours of gun battles ensued with armed fighters. Seven Israeli personnel were wounded after troops came under artillery fire during an operation to arrest two Palestinians suspected of involvement in the attack in the flashpoint town of Jenin, the military said. At least two Palestinians killed in the fighting belonged to the armed Islamic Jihad group.

Ukraine says it recaptured eight villages from Russian forces in two weeks

Ukraine said on Monday it had pushed Russian troops out of the eighth village in a two-week counteroffensive on a heavily fortified part of the front line near the most direct route to the country’s Sea of ​​Azov coast. On Sunday, a Russian-appointed official said Ukraine had taken control of the village of Piatykhatky in the southern Zaporozhye region. He later said Moscow had pushed them out, and on Monday morning he said Ukraine was on the offensive again.

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