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UAE calls for food security at G20 agriculture ministers meeting


G20 meeting

Image: Twitter | @mariammalmheiri

From June 16 to 17, Mariam bint Mohammed Almheiri, UAE Minister of Climate Change and Environment, attended the G20 Agriculture Ministers Meeting in Hyderabad, India.

The G20 Agriculture Track meeting discussed a number of issues affecting global food security. It addresses the challenge of climate change and its impact on food systems, as well as ways to mitigate and adapt to future challenges for their respective populations.

At the meeting, a number of ministers highlighted their concerns about rising malnutrition rates in developing countries and increasing food insecurity globally. They acknowledge that these challenges are exacerbated by global poverty, the COVID-19 pandemic, accelerating climate change, ongoing conflict and loss of biodiversity.

G20 agriculture ministers issued a statement emphasizing the need for sustainable agriculture and food systems that can adapt to climate change and biodiversity loss.

G20 Agriculture Ministers Meeting

In her remarks, Mariam Almheiri thanked the Government of India for organizing the event that brought the G20 group together and for hosting the ‘Group of Agriculture Ministers’ meeting.

She affirmed that cooperation between the UAE and member states is developing in various fields, and that the UAE is eager to strengthen such cooperation, with a particular focus on enhancing food security and addressing global climate change issues.UAE minister calls for transition to food system with reduced carbon footprint, while ensure food security for the most vulnerable.

In his presentation at the G20 meeting, Almheiri said: “The current global food system is the largest contributor to the world’s biodiversity loss, deforestation, drought and freshwater pollution, and the second largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.”

She reiterated that the G20 could cooperate more in transforming agri-food systems, take on this responsibility and lead the world by reaching consensus on transforming these systems as soon as possible.

“The UAE will host COP28 in November, where we will focus on advancing the global response to the many issues raised by climate change, from food systems to clean energy and biodiversity,” Almheiri said.

Almheiri called on G20 members to support a global framework on agriculture, food systems and climate to be announced next month during the United Nations Food Systems Summit.

“We are putting the finishing touches on our framework for strengthening agrifood systems in global climate action,” she said.
Almheiri highlighted that Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, UAE Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, UAE Special Envoy on Climate Change and COP28 Chair-designate, will focus on the transformation of food and agricultural systems as part of his main agenda as the conference-appointed chair Part of the upcoming COP in the UAE. This will help accelerate action and investment in climate-friendly and sustainable agriculture and food systems, technically known as “agri-food systems”.

During the meeting, the group expressed concern about rising food prices, ongoing disruptions in global supply chains, and volatile food and fertilizer prices. Due to the importance of supply chains in achieving food security, they also called for greater attention to enhancing the resilience of supply chains, where the reliability of supply chains is of particular importance for people living in food insecure environments, especially in emergencies and humanitarian women and girls in situations. crisis.

A joint statement on strengthening global food security, signed by G20 agriculture ministers, underscores the importance of continued knowledge exchange between countries to support future innovation efforts.

Ministers pledged to help low-income countries, especially net food-importing developing countries, address the multiple challenges posed by climate change. The group also welcomed the decision of the Conference of the Parties (COP27) on climate change entitled “Joint Action in Sharm el-Sheikh to implement climate action for agriculture and food security”.

The UAE’s participation in the G20 agricultural track, hosting of the upcoming COP28 conference, and the declaration of the Year of Sustainable Development demonstrate the country’s commitment to international cooperation to tackle climate change. In addition, the Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate (AIM4C) initiative was launched in partnership with the United States, which aims to encourage investment in climate-smart agriculture and support the development of food systems within five years.


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