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Sarah Snook Didn’t Know ‘Succession’ Was Ending Until She Read Final Table

With “inheritance” ready to begin last season Next Sunday on HBO, TV lovers around the world are preparing for a painful farewell. The end of the Jesse Armstrong satire has become one of television’s most beloved shows will undoubtedly be a painful adjustment — for its fans and its cast.

The show is known for being colorful, and they were very open about how sad the show ended.Jeremy Strong says feel like deathAnd Brian Cox more or less took the news (although he said he would “Miss Friendship” on set). Now, Sarah Snook is ready to share her thoughts on the show’s finale.

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in a new interview los angeles times, Snook started saying goodbye to her character Shiv Roy. She revealed that she wasn’t told the show was coming to an end until she attended the reading table for the final episode. She recalled being frustrated at the news that the story was coming to an end, but understood the reason for Armstrong’s ambiguity.

“I was very depressed,” she said. “I feel very lost, disappointed and sad. It would have been nice to have known at the beginning of the season, but I also understand not being told until the end of the season because there is still a chance it won’t be the end of the season.”

Snook echoed the sentiment her co-star had previously expressed, saying that while she’ll miss working on the show, it’s ultimately a good thing for the show to end while it’s still on the air.

“Emotionally, none of us were necessarily ready to finish the show because we loved each other so much,” she said. “But everything has to come to an end, and it’s wise not to allow something to be a parody of yourself.”

Snoke has been open about the chances of her “successor” being cast. When the role of Shiv Roy was first offered, she turned it down, thinking the show was too focused on male characters. She changed her mind at the last minute and used the opportunity to advocate for a more nuanced portrayal of women in business.

“When I first got the role, I turned it down,” says Snook explain 2022. “Because of blind faith, I thought, ‘Well, creativity is fun. You might be one of the only women in the pilot, but that doesn’t mean you’re necessarily marginalized, maybe it’s your fight for female roles Opportunity.”

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