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SeaWorld Rescue Establishes United Arab Emirates Marine Research and Rescue Center

SeaWorld Rescue Establishes United Arab Emirates Marine Research and Rescue Center

SeaWorld Rescue is establishing a marine research and rescue center in Abu Dhabi, the company said on Wednesday. Photo: H. Ruckemann/UPI

February 8 (United Press International) — Sea World Rescue Center will be at Abu DhabiUnited Arab Emirates.

The center will be the first dedicated marine research and rescue center in the MENA region. Press release Wednesday from SeaWorld.


The YasSeaWorld Research and Rescue Center will be located on Yas Island under the jurisdiction of the Arab Emirate of Abu Dhabi.The center was created in partnership with Miral, a government-backed company that helps Create a tourist destinationincluding water parks in Abu Dhabi.

Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak, Chairman of Miral, said: “This is the cornerstone of the emirate’s educational and conservation journey, inspiring the next generation of marine scientists to learn more about Abu Dhabi’s influential long-term vision for protecting our marine wildlife and their habitats .”

“Together with SeaWorld, we will push the limits of science and conservation, becoming the foremost knowledge center for marine scientists, not only in the UAE but the wider region,” continued Al Mubarak.

SeaWorld has come under fire for poor treatment of captive marine mammals at theme parks following release of 2013 documentary black fish, It documents the life of a captive orca named Tilikum.

In 2010 Tilikum killed his trainer, dawn branch, during a show at SeaWorld Orlando. After a public outcry, SeaWorld decided to stop keeping orcas in captivity, and in 2017, the last orca born at SeaWorld was born.

The documentary severely damaged SeaWorld’s reputation, and visitor numbers declined over the next few years. In 2020, Sea World Agree $65 million to resolve allegations that the company misled investors about the impact of the film.

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