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SeaWorld shares more details about its brand new park

SeaWorld is opening its fourth location in May — and it just revealed more details about its exciting new park.

SeaWorld is dedicated to marine life, conservation, education and, of course, fun and currently has three locations in the United States. The first opened in San Diego in 1964, Orlando Park in 1973, and another in San Antonio in 1988.

A mother and daughter play in the touch pool at Sea World Abu Dhabi.
Image Credit: Sea World Abu Dhabi

since then, SeaWorld faces a lot of controversy. After posting black fish (2013) and two fatal incidents at its notorious resident Tilikum, which has moved away from what was once its main attraction: killer whales. As of 2023, the company will no longer keep orcas, nor will they perform in its parks.

As for SeaWorld’s newest location, it’s completely orca-free. Sea World Abu Dhabi Opened in May on Yas Island, the emirate’s theme park hub.

Three SCUBA divers show off opening date
Image Credit: Sea World Abu Dhabi

The absence of orcas is one of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi’s many unique details. Due to the desert climate of the United Arab Emirates, the park will be entirely (except for a few rides) indoors. It will also be home to the largest and most expensive marine life aquarium in the world.

Sea World Abu Dhabi reveals about The first of its eight lands, Abu Dhabi Marine, March. It is now releasing more information about its second area, Rocky Point.

Rocky Point, themed after the coastline of the Pacific Northwest of the United States, is home to native animals such as sea lions, harbor seals and otters. Guests can meet more than a dozen species of animals at the Rocky Point Amphitheater’s Sea Lion Show, attend a sea lion feeding and learn more about these playful creatures.

Rocky Point takes its theme (and sea lion comfort) very seriously. Advanced technology simulates natural water currents and wave motion, temperatures mimic the climate of the Pacific Northwest, and the Advanced Animal Lighting System (AALS) replicates its precise light cycle. Impressive stuff.

and of course, No theme park land is complete without snacks. Guests can stop at Pretzel Point for sweet and savory pretzels.

These are two of the eight land parcels announced by SeaWorld Abu Dhabi. Stay tuned for details on the remaining six as we count down to the grand opening on May 23, 2023.

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