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Secret Beach in Dubai Temporarily Closed for Maintenance

In an unexpected development, a well-known beach in Dubai, affectionately known as the ‘secret,’ ‘hidden,’ or ‘Black Palace’ beach, has undergone a temporary closure, according to a report by Khaleej Times. A notice board indicating the closure has been prominently placed at the entrance of Al Sufouh Beach, a drive-in beach recognized for its unique charm.

Iconic Beach’s Secluded Appeal Draws Emotional Outpouring

During Khaleej Times’ visit on a Friday night, the beach was found barricaded, with a vigilant security guard stationed at the entrance. Disappointed visitors were met with explanations from the guard about the temporary closure, eliciting heartfelt responses from regulars like Algerian expat Amar Benatia.

For Benatia, Sufouh Beach is more than just a recreational spot; it’s a sanctuary for morning walks and swims. “I go there to walk and swim every single morning all year long. I had a stressful year at work, and going there helps me a lot.”

Community Voices Concerns on Social Media Platforms: Secret

The closure has triggered emotional reactions on social platforms, with individuals expressing their concerns, especially on Reddit. One resident pleaded, “Please don’t take this beach away from us,” while another user lamented, “It will always be a secret beach in my heart. If they close it, my life in Dubai is over.”

Hidden Gem’s Allure Despite Popularity

Renowned for its spectacular sunset views, the beach is nestled between the Burj Al Arab hotel and Palm Jumeirah island. Its discreet entrance, obscured by a row of trees and devoid of illumination, has contributed to its ‘hidden gem’ status. Despite its secretive allure, the beach has become a favorite destination for both residents and tourists, often witnessing bustling evenings and weekends.

Dubai Municipality Silent Amid Community Hope

Khaleej Times reached out to the Dubai Municipality for comments regarding the closure, but as of the reporting, no official statement has been issued. The community remains optimistic that the temporary closure is a brief hiatus, anticipating the cherished beach’s swift return to welcome its dedicated patrons.

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