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“Unbelievable Achievement: UAE Cleaner Receives Dh100,000 Reward, Shows No Intention of Leaving Job”

UAE Cleaner In a surreal turn of events, Pameela Krishnan, a dedicated cleaner in the UAE, recently clinched the top spot in the Distinguished Workforce – Other Professional Levels category at the Emirates Labour Market Awards. Standing among dignitaries and government officials during the ceremony, Pameela shares her disbelief and joy.

Symbolic Trophies and a Financial Boost

Recognized for her exceptional service at Canadian Medical Centre (CMC) for 13 years, Pameela received a trophy and certificate on November 23, along with a significant token cheque of Dh100,000. Despite prior accolades within the company, this award holds special significance for Pameela.

Commendations for Dedication and Hard Work: UAE Cleaner

Colleagues praise Pameela’s dedication and work ethic, highlighting her confidence during the award collection as akin to winning an Oscar. Supervisor Mohammed Salman Faris humorously shares their inquiry about her resignation, to which Pameela responds with a firm “no.”

Financial Responsibilities and Future Plans

Undeterred by the financial windfall, Pameela remains committed to her job at CMC. Citing substantial loans for various expenses, she plans to allocate Dh20,000 to settle debts and expresses relief at the newfound ability to start saving from her salary.

Beyond Monetary Rewards – Gratitude and Recognition: UAE Cleaner

Alongside the Dh100,000, Pameela received additional perks, including a life insurance policy, shopping card, Fazaa card (discount card), Dh5 gold coin, and a two-night stay at a five-star hotel. Expressing gratitude to her boss and the UAE, Pameela vows to continue her dedicated service, considering the country her second home.

A Journey from Struggles to Excellence

Pameela’s transformative journey from financial challenges in her home country to being celebrated in Abu Dhabi highlights her resilience. Thirteen years ago, facing difficulties, she made the life-altering decision to move to the UAE for better opportunities. Her commitment to her job and family, despite being the sole breadwinner after her husband’s passing, showcases the transformative power of dedication and hard work.

A Tale of Resilience and Success: UAE Cleaner

Pameela Krishnan’s story stands as a testament to the transformative power of dedication and hard work. From uncertainties in her past to being recognized as a pinnacle of excellence, her journey reflects resilience and commitment, earning her the prestigious Emirates Labour Market Award.

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