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See: UAE field hospital in Herat, aiding Afghan quake victims

The UAE Ministry of Defense’s field hospital, inaugurated on October 16, is now tending to numerous earthquake victims from the Herat region in Northern Afghanistan. This facility is equipped with a critical care assessment room, advanced operating room, and an intensive care unit to treat wounded women, children, and the elderly affected by the earthquake.

A medical team from the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi visited the reference hospital in Herat and the Maternity Hospital to assess the region’s urgent medical needs.

The UAE’s humanitarian efforts continue, providing aid to those affected and displaced worldwide, addressing pressing humanitarian crises. On October 10, the UAE dispatched an aircraft carrying 33 Tonnes of food supplies to support earthquake-affected people in Afghanistan, where the disaster resulted in numerous casualties, including women and children, and extensive damage to infrastructure.

The UAE’s relief planes delivered substantial quantities of food, medicines, medical supplies, and in-kind assistance, with various relief organizations in the country working diligently to assess needs and assist those affected by the catastrophe.

In Herat province, volunteers have been tirelessly engaged in relief efforts since the devastating magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck on Saturday, accompanied by powerful aftershocks. Sadly, some have shifted their focus to digging graves as the region copes with the aftermath. This earthquake is one of the most severe to hit Afghanistan in over 25 years.

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