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‘Severe crack’ and ‘electrical disaster’ before Titanic submarine implodes – World News


An expert has revealed why he believes the submarine named Titan failed catastrophically in the Atlantic Ocean earlier this month, killing five men

Debris from the Titan submersible being unloaded(Associated Press)

this submarine-like vessel There were “serious cracks” and “electrical failures” when the ship imploded at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean during a mission to see the sinking of the Titanic, an expert said.

He has revealed why he believes the submarine, called Titan, suffered a catastrophic breakdown earlier this month, killing five people.

Dr Graham-Jones, associate professor in the Department of Mechanical and Marine Engineering at the University of Plymouth, said parts of the vessel may have begun to leak, potentially causing an electrical disaster.

He said: “It could be an electrical disaster. It could be corrosion, it could be fire. Any leakage of water into electrical equipment can also cause malfunctions. “

Underwater submersible after launch from platform(OceanGate Expeditions/AFP (Ge)

he added to sun: “Some of the pipes and components that go to the outside may have started to leak. If you have a wire that goes outside, those wires that go through the land may actually start to leak. They may have corroded.”

Although he warned that if there was a very slight leak, passengers may have been aware of it, the most likely scenario would be an immediate implosion.

Dr Graham-Jones said he could see the casing of the pipes and wires, but now that they’ve got hold of the wreckage, they can show what went wrong with the crack pattern.


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