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Seyu and Esporsa announce exclusive partnership to engage more fans in the Middle East

Seyu and Esporsa announce exclusive partnership to engage more fans in the Middle East

We are excited to announce our new, exclusive partnership with Esporsa, an international sports entertainment agency. Together, we’ll reach millions of sports enthusiasts in the Middle East and provide memorable experiences for fans in the region. Our joint mission is to create more value for sports organizations and brands, from boosting sponsorships through digital marketing activities to brand activations.

Meet our Middle-Eastern partner agency, Esporsa

ESPORSA, A true initiator of innovative sports experience in the Middle East.

ESPORSA, is the region agency here to reset what sports and entertainment partnership can mean. To ignite new possibilities through unrivalled access. And to grow value for all. ESPORSA does it by bringing together Brands, Rights-Holders, Media-Platform, Fans & Itself. Working on a close partnership with ESPORSA was a no brainer for SEYU.

ESPORSA, Proudly partners with World’s leading sports organizations and brands. We are 100% independent and operate a flexible offering with a working approach the support client at any size.

A way forward, pioneering partnerships and creating emotional experiences. It’s in our Veins. Our track recored of building credible and genuire partnerships in sports speaks for itself.

The region has huge potential: Al-Nassr FC, Saudi Arabia’s football club, was joined by none other than Portuguese football legend Christiano Ronaldo. Without a doubt, this will lead to exponentially growing interest towards the Middle-Eastern sports scene. The result already speaks for itself: in just a few days since the announcement, Al-Nassr’s official Instagram site has gained millions of new followers.

What’s next?

As an agency, Esporsa already works closely with the largest sports organizations in the Middle East. From now on, they will be Seyu’s official partner in the region, helping us expand and negotiate further partnerships and event collaborations with regional sports associations, clubs, and brands.

The collaboration will also focus on boosting fan engagement during regional sports events: combining the LED screens provided by Esporsa and fan-generated content through Seyu’s platforms, fans of the Middle East will have the chance to experience a whole new level of consuming sports.

We strongly believe that the entire sports industry will benefit from this partnership and that together, we will enhance the experience of millions of regional sports fans.

Expanding our presence around the world through mutually beneficial partnerships

Here at Seyu, we’re building a new sports technology solution that has already made 400+ sports events around the world more memorable and more successful. Our team is dedicated to rethinking the experience of sports communities.

We’re very excited about starting this new, long-term collaboration and having Esporsa, one of the key players of the Middle-Eastern sports scene as our official partner in the region.

About ‘Seyu — Together for victory!’

‘Seyu – Together for victory!’ came to life as a result of an innovative idea of sports enthusiasts who wanted to surround themselves with professionals and work for the same goal in life – creating a lasting experience for all fans around the world. An experience through which they not only feel more connected to the sport itself but also connect with their fellow supporters. Seyu proved its solution in 400+ sports events across 14 countries in 20 different sports, enabling 200.000+ fans to show their devotion in real-time from anywhere in the world. Seyu gives both remote and in-person supporters the chance to take selfies, add motivational messages and post them with custom-branded frames on various platforms, whether it’s an online live stream of an event, a giant screen of a stadium, or the social media page of a right holder.

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