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Sharjah-Muscat Bus Service Starting February 27th, Empowering Connectivity Launch of UAE

Sharjah-Muscat Bus Service on February 27, Launch of UAE

Mwasalat, the renowned public transport company, has announced the launch of an eagerly anticipated new bus service connecting the UAE and Oman.

Through a collaboration between Oman’s National Transport Company Mwasalat and Sharjah’s Roads and Transport Authority, this daily service is set to commence operations from February 27, ushering in a new era of connectivity between the two nations. With a total of four trips scheduled each day—two departing from Sharjah and two from Muscat—the service promises convenience and accessibility for travelers on both ends of the journey, with routes operating via Shinas, a key transit point.

Sharjah-Muscat Bus ServicePassengers availing themselves of this service are granted generous baggage allowances, allowing for a maximum of 23 kilograms for check-in baggage and an additional 7 kilograms for hand baggage. With fares starting as low as 10 Oman Rials (equivalent to Dh95.40) for standard service and 29 Oman Rials (equivalent to Dh276.66) for premium service, the bus service offers affordability without compromising on quality and comfort.

The inaugural journey from Sharjah will kick off at 6:30 am from the Al Jubail Bus Station, embarking on a scenic route that culminates at the Azaiba Bus Station in Muscat, with an estimated arrival time of 2:30 pm. Subsequently, the second bus from Sharjah will depart at 4:00 pm, ensuring late travelers can still reach their destination comfortably, arriving in Muscat at 11:50 pm.

Conversely, travelers originating from Muscat can board the first bus at 6:30 am, commencing their journey to Sharjah and anticipating arrival at 3:40 pm. For those preferring a later departure, the second bus will depart from Muscat at 4:00 pm, facilitating travel well into the evening and ensuring a timely arrival at the Al Jubail Bus Station in Sharjah at 1:10 am.

The introduction of this bus service represents a significant milestone in enhancing cross-border connectivity and fostering closer ties between the UAE and Oman. As travelers embrace the convenience and accessibility offered by this service, they also have the opportunity to experience the diverse landscapes and cultural attractions dotted along the route, further enriching their journey.


Moreover, this initiative aligns with broader efforts to promote sustainable and eco-friendly modes of transportation, reducing reliance on private vehicles and mitigating environmental impact. By opting for public transportation options like the UAE-Oman bus service, travelers contribute to the preservation of natural resources and support initiatives aimed at building a greener, more sustainable future.

Beyond its practical benefits, the launch of this bus service signifies a deeper commitment to facilitating seamless travel experiences and promoting tourism between the UAE and Oman. As both nations continue to strengthen their bilateral ties and explore avenues for collaboration, initiatives like the UAE-Oman bus service serve as catalysts for enhanced economic, cultural, and social exchange.

The commencement of the UAE-Oman bus service heralds a new chapter in cross-border connectivity, offering travelers a convenient and affordable means of transportation between the two nations.

With its strategic routes, competitive fares, and commitment to passenger comfort, this service embodies the spirit of collaboration and innovation, paving the way for greater integration and cooperation in the region. As travelers embark on their journeys aboard the UAE-Oman bus service, they not only bridge physical distances but also forge lasting connections and foster mutual understanding between the peoples of the UAE and Oman.

Affordability is also at the forefront of Mwasalat’s service offerings, with fares starting from a competitive rate of 10 Oman Rials (equivalent to approximately Dh95.40).

For those seeking added comfort and amenities, premium fare options are available, starting from 29 Oman Rials (equivalent to approximately Dh276.66). These accessible fare structures ensure that travelers from diverse backgrounds can access and benefit from the convenience of the UAE-Oman bus service.

The carefully curated schedule of bus departures caters to the varying needs and preferences of travelers, with early morning and late evening options available for both outbound and inbound journeys.

For passengers embarking from Sharjah, the first bus departs at 6:30 am from Al Jubail Bus Station, arriving at Azaiba Bus Station in Muscat at 2:30 pm. Later in the day, a second bus sets off from Sharjah at 4:00 pm, reaching Muscat at 11:50 pm, providing a convenient evening travel option.

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