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Shikhar Dhawan talks about his latest culinary adventure in Dubai – News


The Indian cricketer discusses the thinking behind his new sports cafe in the city

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published: Friday, March 17, 2023 at 6:04 pm

Shikhar Dhawan certainly impressed us with his off-field strikes on several occasions to open the Indian cricket team. But his aura didn’t stop with his batting ability, as the cricketer, affectionately known to fans as ‘Gabbar’, was also incredible defensively.

Remember his “flying catch” against England in 2018? The boundary batsman timed his jump perfectly to catch the ball, dismissing Eoin Morgan and saving India from conceding six runs.

That’s not all; there was another instance when Shikhar jammed the ball between his knees after finishing the catch to send Bangladesh’s Shakib Al Hasan back.

Shikhar’s ball-handling skills led him to name his latest Dubai venture, the Flying Catch Sports Café, a new food outlet in the city’s Jumeirah area that offers healthy meals, snacks and screens to watch all your favorite sports .

“I’m very proud,” he said city ​​times During the recent launch of his food venture. “Thanks to the guy above us and the team that we were able to open in such a great location in a completely different country. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and it went very smoothly.”

The cafe’s name “resonates” with Shikhar’s career, as he has taken many opportunities, including the extra leaps he takes to achieve the impossible. “At the same time, it’s like capturing the impossible,” he said. “Having that creativity and thinking outside the box goes with it because I love taking risks, too.”

Shikhar focuses on Dubai’s sports fan community, aiming to provide them with nutritious meals and snacks, donating 1% of proceeds to local sports projects in the UAE.

“People love sports,” Shikhar said. “They love watching sports. We have a big screen here so fans can come and relax and watch the game.”

“Cricket is growing fast in the UAE, they have their own league, many different leagues are being formed. There is a huge Indian community in the country. So it’s a combination of both, you can relax and enjoy the food and the games.”

Some of the new restaurant’s signature dishes and Shikhar’s personal favorites are Tandoori Salmon Kesari and Shikhari Naan. “There are healthy options, too,” Shikhar explains. “Healthy and delicious as it is modern Indian cuisine with an Arabic twist.”

But growing up, Shikhar’s favorite dish was Aloo Ke Parathe. However, Shikhar loves to eat all kinds of food. But his favorite is dessert. “But I want to keep myself healthy,” he said. “So I’ve limited it very well.” The cricketer also wanted to have a positive impact on all visitors. “We (Asians) are known for our hospitality and it feels really good to bring the exact same thing to a restaurant,” he said. “It’s also something I pass on to my team; serving in a way that makes diners feel calm and savored when they come in.”

A day in the life of Shikhar Dhawan

“As a cricketer, I get up, take my time and enjoy listening to spiritual lectures. Then I have breakfast, followed by fitness sessions. I like my fitness program. Then it depends on whether I have cricket training. Otherwise I There are my business meetings and team meetings.”


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