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Shireen Kapoor And Her Views As A Partner Of A Canadian Law Firm

Shireen Kapoor is a dual-licensed lawyer and barrister in the Indian and Canadian jurisdiction. As a founding partner of the Canadian law firm Ace Law LLP, she aims to provide clients with the best immigration consultation services. She’s into delivering only the honest and the most effective strategies to her clients so that they use her opinions for their betterment.

She even provides advice to people and businesses regarding the Canadian immigration policies, corporate record-keeping, sale and purchase of a business, contract, and agreements. Let’s know more about Shireen and her journey as a founding partner in Ace Law LLP in her own words below.

Explain the background of you and your company in detail.

We are a Canadian Law Firm specializing in immigration with offices in Toronto, Canada & Dubai, UAE.

What are your goals?

Our goals are to become the number one law firm specializing in Canadian Immigration and second passports in the market sectors we operate.

What do you feel is the biggest strength of yourself/company right now?

We are currently the only Canadian law firm specializing in the field of immigration with an office in both Toronto and Dubai. We look forward to expanding our office network in the first quarter of 2022 with offices in Delhi and Islamabad.

What was the path you/your company took to get to where you are today?

I am a founding partner of the company with a passion for service, and the people who work alongside me helped make the company the successful business it is today.

Why did you start (or want to be the head of) this company?

There was a gap in the market; while numerous immigration companies are operating in the region, there is no law firm specializing in this field. I wanted to create a business based on trust, loyalty, and client satisfaction.

What have been the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome?

While growing the business during Covid, we all have learned new skills and developed better ways of communicating with our customers. Online portals conducting webinars as face-to-face meetings have not always been possible.

Shireen Kapoor, give us one word that describes you the best.


What makes you excited about Mondays?

Mondays seem like an opportunity to help people achieve their goals and create the life of their dreams in their country of choice.

What do you value most about your culture and vision?

Equal opportunity for all of our employees with the real desire to watch and help them grow and reach the best versions of themselves

What are the strategies of your company, and how do they stand unique from your competitors?

What sets us apart from our competitors is our customer communication. We keep our clients appraised during every part of the application process, and we have a 100% money-back guarantee.

What are the key values which helped you to overcome the roadblocks/challenges in your career? Tell us something about your memorable incident in your leadership?

I have always been fortunate to have amazing mentors who always believed in me even when I doubted myself , said Shireen Kapoor. I am always honest and actively seek feedback as it helps me grow and learn.

How do you see the company changing in two years, and how do you see yourself creating that change?

I will continually need to develop my skill sets as we build the business with office expansion. Early next year, we will embrace all opportunities for new ways to communicate, making the company as visible as possible to our clients. Social media will play a significant part in this.

Shireen Kapoor Where is your leadership going? What benefits do your clients are getting from your company in this competitive world?

We have a 100% success rate in our application processes; this aligned to our money-back guarantee gives our clients a real sense of trust and transparency.

What are the services/solutions or products offered by your company as per the current industry standards? Tell us something about your upcoming products or services?

We offer the full range of Canadian Federal programs, including C11, ICT, LMIA O Knock, and LMIA OO Knock. We also provide student visas along with various 2nd Citizenship Passports by investment.

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