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Smart Art at Gitex Global: Get Your Unique AI-Generated Portrait – Realistic, Vintage, or Cartoonish

One of the standout attractions at Gitex Global 2023 in Dubai, a five-day event concluding on Friday, is Smart Art, presented by the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA). Here, the fusion of art and technology takes center stage with AI (artificial intelligence)-generated portraiture that captivates visitors. The Smart Art exhibit at Gitex Global 2023 in Dubai, spanning five days and concluding on Friday, has emerged as a crowd favorite. Presented by the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA), it’s a fusion of art and technology that’s captivating visitors.

Where Art Meets Technology

At this stand, “art meets technology,” as described by the TDRA. The key attraction is AI (artificial intelligence)-generated portraiture. Visitors line up to have their unique digital photos crafted in a matter of seconds. This marvel is achieved through an AI software that takes input via voice prompt, translating your preferences into art.

Salim, Your Virtual Guide: Smart Art

An avatar named Salim, sporting a kandura, serves as the virtual guide. His role is to engage visitors by asking a series of questions to understand the desired artistic style: abstract, realistic, vintage, or cartoonish.

Customizing Your AI Portrait: Smart Art

The AI-generated portrait is crafted to your specific preferences. Salim also inquires about your concept preferences – do you want your photo to exude a surreal, dreamlike quality, or perhaps feature a rural or city landscape?

Selecting a Color Palette: Smart Art

Additionally, you have the chance to choose your preferred color palette, whether it’s pastel, bright, or a contrasting color scheme.

The Big Reveal

Once you’ve shared your preferences, a quick snapshot of your face is taken by the camera. But the real excitement lies in the next step. As Yana Goryunova, a visiting Russian tourist, expressed, “It’s the anticipation of what you will look like which is the best part.” She patiently waited her turn and explained, “I like my photo because it looks like me. But the best part about the AI-generated is expecting how you will look like because you will never know what you will get.”

AI-Generated Portraits

The AI-generated portrait is then revealed on the screen, and a QR code appears for saving a digital version, in addition to a photo printout.

A Tool for Self-Expression

The digitally-enhanced photos have resonated with visitors because they provide a means of self-expression. People naturally enjoy seeing flattering images of themselves. Smart Art allows them to experiment with various styles, transforming their photos into cosmic, fantasy-inspired creations, or even giving themselves the look of a pop or rock star.

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