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‘Overcoming an Incurable Disease: How an Emirati Woman Regained Her Health with Top-notch UAE Healthcare’

Mazoon’s life took a drastic turn when she began experiencing progressive weakness in the right side of her body, which lasted for several days. She sought help from the neurology department at NMC Royal Hospital in Abu Dhabi and received a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS), a chronic autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system.

The Escalating Symptoms

“I noticed a slight paraesthesia in my hand and constant fatigue, which eventually evolved into nerve weakness, severely affecting my daily life,” explained Mazoon. Her symptoms progressed, leading to reduced muscular endurance and difficulty performing everyday tasks. She relied on walking aids and eventually became wheelchair-bound.

Challenges and Loss of Independence: Overcoming 

The once independent and active Mazoon found herself in a challenging situation. “My life became difficult. I couldn’t move anything in my body, not even my fingers. It felt like a heavy burden. I was unable to perform my daily routines as the disease affected the nerve center of my body.”

A Determined Journey to Recovery: Overcoming 

Despite the adversity, Mazoon remained determined to regain her independence and drive her car once again. She was referred to NMC ProVita International Medical Centre for comprehensive rehabilitation and care.

A Multidisciplinary Approach: Overcoming 

A team of healthcare professionals, including doctors, rehabilitation specialists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, psychologists, dietitians, and nurses, collaborated to create a specialized rehabilitation program. This program focused on improving Mazoon’s strength, balance, endurance, and coordination while helping her regain her independence.

Remarkable Progress

Over the course of two months of intensive rehabilitation, Mazoon made significant progress. She successfully completed the assigned tasks during her rehab and community mobility re-training program. As a result, she was discharged with a recommendation to continue exercises for further improvements and to receive training for driving.

Expert Insights

Dr. Hussam Touma, a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist, emphasized that while MS is a challenging condition, patients can regain their independence and lead fulfilling lives with the right care and support.

A Journey of Inspiration

Mazoon’s transformation serves as an inspiring journey of resilience and commitment to recovery. Tara Bantilan, an occupational therapist, expressed pride in Mazoon’s incredible transition from her initial condition to her remarkable progress.

A Testimony to the Human Spirit

Mazoon’s story is a testament to the indomitable human spirit, demonstrating that even the most formidable challenges can be overcome with the right support, rehabilitation, and unwavering determination.

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