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Snow Abu Dhabi to open ‘within next four months’

A blizzard is brewing in the capital…

Inside Abu Dhabi’s $1.2 billion mega-project Reem Mall — Snow Abu Dhabi, which will be the region’s largest snow park, will soon unleash sub-zero shenanigans across the capital.

Reem Mall’s own journey to connect with customers begins in February 2022 with the opening of the first store, Carrefour. We’ll have to wait a full year until the next big shutter lifts, with Vox Cinemas showing blockbusters and popcorn starting in February 2023.

dream world

Things have moved faster since then, though some big fashion brands have joined the map — Under Armor; Max Fashion; AGCO; Decathlon; Atletico Madrid; NU Sportsman; Vans; The North Face; and Columbia Sportswear. Newly opened Home Goods includes Chattels & More; Better Living; Home Hub; and Masterbox.

Food options have come in the form of Subway’s wiggly foot-long; Papa John’s Justice’s ‘Za; Mac Papa snacks from McDonald’s; and a dizzying sugar frenzy from Caribou Coffee’s Fudgie-Wudgie. A few opticians are also in the spotlight; along with the tantalizing aromas from perfume shops; bling from Abu Dhabi jewelers; playthings from ToyStation; gadgets from Samsung; and the famous deli counter from Spinney’s.

When fully completed, Reem Mall will feature 85 different dining options, over 450 stores, and that snow park we mentioned…

When will Snow Abu Dhabi open in Abu Dhabi?

and in a recent interview ForbesMohammad El Etri – the ultimate calling card with the title of “Vice President, Global Snow, Majid Al Futtaim” – we found out that the long-awaited Snow Abu Dhabi may be only a few months away from Roaring into operation.

A blizzard of Majid Al Futtaim’s recreational offerings has hit the slopes, including other similar winter wonderlands (hence El Etri’s title), but Majid Al Futtaim’s chief snowman has opened up an exciting time for the Abu Dhabi Air Zone table, tell Forbes “We will open Snow Abu Dhabi in the second quarter”.

We’ve been following this story for years, and with the news that it’s finally near, you can rest assured we won’t be “making it go away.” What can you reasonably expect from Elsa?

What can we expect from Snow Abu Dhabi?

Almost certain to be high on the list of ways to keep the capital cool in summer – Snow Abu Dhabi will be “one of the largest snow parks in the world” – offering zero-contact and exhilarating experiences with its subject characters.

These might be the most exciting snow facts we’ve looked at in our research on the attraction.

  • There will be 12 exhilarating rides and 17 fascinating attractions spread across 10,000 square feet.
  • The temperature will be regulated to a frigid 2ºC and the slopes will be covered with a 500mm deep snow coating.
  • Confirmed attractions include two giant slides, a mild-sounding “Ice and Floes Toboggan Race” and a less benign-sounding “Grauppel’s Summit Escape.”
  • Rides include Entrance Plaza, Snowy Owl Flight, Magic Carpet, Polar Express, Crystal Carousel and Ice Cube and Floe Bumper Tubes, Troll Bowl, Drift Downhill Run, Snow Bunny Hill and Magic Tree (will be part of a central part of telling the park’s story).
  • Snow Abu Dhabi’s dining experience includes The Lodge Restaurant, Grotto Amphitheatre, Ice Cafe, Party Room and VIP Room.

Image: Reem Mall

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