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Stanley County Commissioner Approves Definition and Changes to Adult Entertainment Ordinance – The Stanly News & Press


Stanley County Commissioners Approve Definitions and Amendments to Adult Entertainment Ordinance

Posted on Tue, Jul 11, 2023 at 3:40 pm

The Stanley County Board of Commissioners voted 6-1 to make text changes to zoning ordinances related to adult entertainment.

Commissioner Peter Asciutto voted against a motion to redefine “adult businesses” to mean “adult establishments and uses, including adult live entertainment.”

The statute now defines adult live entertainment as “a performance consisting of topless dancers, exotic dancers, strippers, or male or female impersonators, providing entertainment that attracts sexual interest, whether performed for reasons of intent or not.”

The amendment defines “erotic” as “characterized by or arouse intemperate or unhealthy interests or desires, especially sexual desire.”

In an email to Stanley News & Publishing, county manager Andy Lucas said the text amendment changes “were made at the request of several commissioners in response to the local faith community. requirements.”

The Stanley County Planning Commission recommended that commissioners approve the text amendments at the June 16 board meeting.

Stanley County Planning Director Bob Remsburg proposed amendments at the meeting for board consideration.

Remsburg said the planning department received “a request from the county to draft some language in the Stanley County Zoning Ordinance to address male or female impersonators who provide erotic entertainment.”

Arciuto asked Remsberg about the views on the amendments presented at the most recent meeting of the planning committee.

“As part of an appeal to lust, whether done out of consideration or not, the performer may have no intention of being lustful. Is it almost true that it’s all on the receiver or someone in the audience?” Ashitto said.

“Correct. Obviously, someone saw it with their own eyes,” Remsberg replied.

Ashioto cites a few examples of people cross-dressing at events, including a female-free beauty pageant hosted by the Stanley County Relay for Life a few years ago. At that event, men wear women’s clothes.

He also asked whether the text amendment would include performances by companies like Tootsie, Mrs. Tootsie and others. In “Doubtfire” and “Some Like It Hot,” men are attracted to men in cross-dressing.

Asciutto also mentions Pinups and Pumps, who dress in the pinup style of the 1950s and 1960s. He called the Pinups and Pumps “a nice bunch of people raising money for charity,” but noted they dressed up and competed in beauty pageants alongside the charity car show.

“Can they do a beauty pageant outside the city?” Ashito said.

He also mentioned powder puff football games, where the girls play touch football or flag football while the boys don cheerleading attire.

Arciuto also mentioned the Elvis impersonation, saying: “Elvis was sexy to a lot of women, but also to some men.

“I might not be able to support that because it’s just a lot of problems and I don’t know the real reason behind it. We talk about freedom … and doing that takes away a lot of people’s freedom to do things that most people think are pretty safe,” Asciutto said.

Referring to the amendment, Commissioner Patty Crump said Ashitto made some good points, but said the items he listed were “actually obscene.” I think we know what’s going on with all this…it’s actually about some of the drag shows we’ve seen getting into a space that could be dangerous for children. “

Crump said the new text amendments were “a safety net”.

“If someone wants to challenge them to do a play, they can take it to the board and say, ‘We want to do this play. would be subjective.”

After Crump moved to approve the amendment, which was backed by Commissioner Brandon King, Arciuto said: “It’s all about fear and hate. Gosh, cross-dressing has been around for centuries. I don’t think so.” Think there’s something wrong with that.”

He added, “We’re taking away someone’s liberty; if they want to do it, let them do it…I don’t understand people’s fear of dressing up.”

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