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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Star Entertainment Group to launch carbon farm in Queensland – IAG

Star Entertainment Group to launch carbon farm in Queensland – IAG

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Australia’s Star Entertainment Group has acquired 170 hectares of farmland in south-east Queensland, which it says will help manage its future carbon emissions while supporting biodiversity and native forest regeneration.

The Star will use land near Gympie for its first carbon credit project and will work with local farmers to create a nature-based farm and support endangered species, particularly koalas, with large-scale tree planting, providing them with new Habitat.

Amanda Visser, head of sustainability at Star Entertainment Group, said the project took two years to implement as an extension of its sustainability strategy.

“We will plant more than 100,000 native trees over the next five years, which will not only generate Australian carbon credits, but also create a koala sanctuary and create habitat for endangered local species,” Visser said.

“We have completed an initial biodiversity assessment to ensure this regeneration project supports local native forest cover and we can measure our impact over time.”

Backed by Ndevr Environmental’s carbon management expertise, The Star has registered the local tree planting component of the project under the Emissions Reduction Fund.

Noosa Landcare has completed extensive soil testing ahead of the first plantings due to begin in autumn 2023, while scaling up the emissions reduction project under the direction of the Odonata Foundation, the architect of this innovative big picture approach or environmental sustainability.

“Organizations can use their carbon offsetting priorities as a driver to add incredible value to businesses, people and communities at no real additional cost,” said Odonata CEO Sam Marwood.

“Star Entertainment Group has demonstrated a true dedication to supporting the environment and community in innovative ways that go above and beyond.

“It was several years of collaborative planning. As well as the strategic and commercial aspects, the project was very involved in the details, such as how to choose the right trees to attract koalas, how best to help threatened species, improve biological Diversity and river health, and working with local communities.”

Star Entertainment Group managing director and chief executive Robbie Cooke said the farm further demonstrated The Star’s ambitions to develop and operate socially, environmentally and economically sustainable destinations.

“As an organization we are committed to making a positive impact in the communities and cities in which we operate. Corymbia is an evolution of our broader sustainability strategy and will help us achieve our goals,” Cooke said.

“We look forward to making further announcements about this exciting and innovative project in the near future.”

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