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“Radar System Unveiled: Abu Dhabi Activates State-of-the-Art Technology”

Abu Dhabi Police has issued a crucial notice to motorists, highlighting the activation of the state-of-the-art EXIT-I radar system. This automated system has been specifically designed to meticulously monitor instances where drivers overtake near triangle intersections and deliberately enter roads in front of other vehicles.

Reinforcing Traffic Rule Adherence

The EXIT-I radar, as part of its primary objective, seeks to underscore the critical importance of strict adherence to traffic rules among residents. This subheading delves into the system’s role in promoting responsible driving practices.

Heightening Awareness on Priority and Entry Points: Radar System

Simultaneously, the radar system aims to elevate awareness regarding the significance of giving precedence to vehicles and utilizing designated entry points. This subheading explores how the system contributes to fostering a culture of responsible driving within the community.

Proactive Measures for Traffic Safety

Abu Dhabi Police clarified that the primary function of these cameras is not centered around collecting violations. Instead, they serve as proactive measures, contributing to the overall enhancement of traffic safety within the region. This subheading emphasizes the strategic deployment of the radar system for a safer road environment.

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