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Superhero Hype February 25 Best Entertainment Earth Deals

Superhero Hype February 25 Best Entertainment Earth Deals

Time to explore again the site’s partnership with a retailer that’s more focused on collectibles and superhero items, many of which, it turns out, aren’t available for purchase on the non-specialist site. Entertainment Earth is home to many characters, statues, exclusive products, and more, tailored to our specific interests. Not only that–they’ll be making several big deals at any given time. In our semi-regular feature, we highlight the best hot new items available for pre-order, as well as the best clearance deals. Please note that items may sell out at any time. Here are the best Entertainment Earth deals and pre-orders for February 25th.


Cobb Vanth is usually overpriced due to his over-the-top decorations, but is now more affordable due to the damaged packaging. Whoever retrieved the Boba Fett armor now wears it as Marshal Mospergo. In addition to the actual Timothy Oliphant likeness, this figure also includes a detachable Mandalorian helmet and jetpack, as well as two weapons.


a new one special forces Figure with the old spirit, Sgt. The Stalker comes with a ton of gear, including a gun with detachable stock and suppressor, a rifle holster backpack, and a beret and rain poncho. Dress him up for all-out combat, or strip him down for more stealthy missions.


Lex Luthor’s greatest weapon is his mind, but with his green power armor, he’s also nearly a match for Superman in the sky. mcfarlane toys‘ Action figure features over 22 joints, alternate hands, trading cards and a DC logo figure stand.


He’s no longer a tape recorder, but he can still spit out mini-bombs from his chest! Now, to grow up with his fellow Decepticons, the quavering villain transforms into a spaceship with a giant booster. Buy him to play and display and save some money on the damaged packaging.


Stupid… stupid… stupid! Dayton! 2001: A Space OdysseyTwo of the most famous stars merged into one; The Monolith and the Moonkeeper, the first ape to evolve by touching it. Super7 Ultimates are made to order, so they’re hard to find at retail, let alone discounted. In addition to the boulder, Moon Watcher includes an extra head, extra hands and his signature bone that he throws into the air.


Formerly known as Oo-Larr, Savage He-Man enlightenment This happens when Adam channels Grayskull’s power to control it without a sword. Only Orko’s guidance can bring him back to sanity and remove the Hulk’s anger factor.These two packages are the only way to get enlightenment Orko, but at that price, he’s cheaper than a figure right now.


For the forces of hell that think Al Simmons spawning Brilliant, meet Raven Spawn! Spiky and scythe-wielding, this guardian of hell is a whole new level of horror. Thanks to EE deals, a whole new level of affordability!


Let the skeleton sit on the throne of Snake Mountain, and let the chaotic snake attack! Will it knock He-Man down, or will he aim his sword precisely and unseat his evil uncle from his throne? Specifically designed for 5-inch animated series figures, but it can fit others.


Let this Daniel Bruhl figure do an emotional dance, or let him break out of the Avengers! Helmut Zemo can be shown both in his devious human form and in his purple masked supervillain costume. He’s carrying a gun, a book, and part of Captain America’s wing.


very stylized and very flexible, this spider man The enemy is always ready to attack. Comprised of several tentacles, tendrils, weapon arms, a base, and another face, this creepy symbiote is both adorable and disgusting. Don’t forget to afford it!

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