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Teledyne FLIR to Launch Critical Utility Solutions at Middle East Energy Show


Teledyne FLIR, an American company that designs and manufactures thermal imaging cameras and sensors, is preparing to showcase its portfolio of power utility solutions at the upcoming Middle East Energy 2023 event in Dubai.

Leading Teledyne Technologies subsidiaries will showcase energy-efficient solutions such as FLIR HD thermal cameras with viewfinders, industrial acoustic imaging cameras, optical gas imaging cameras, and Extech test and measurement solutions for the utility industry.

Visitors to FLIR Teledyne will experience new energy solutions and technologies and refine their own energy strategies.

Opening March 7 at the World Trade Center and running until March 9, the Middle East Energy Conference provides a unique platform for energy leaders to discuss and shape the future. Experts from the region and beyond join forces to chart the best course for the energy transition.

According to the group, the breakthrough product on display at the event was the Teledyne FLIR T1020 HD thermal imaging camera.

The electrical and mechanical industries around the world have recognized the importance of a predictive maintenance program for decades, and thermal imaging cameras play a major role in its effective delivery.

With an impressive temperature measurement range from -40˚C to 2000˚C, up to 3.1MP resolution thermal imaging using FLIR’s UltraMax technology, and a choice of 3 high-fidelity OSX precision HDIR lenses, the T1020 is the maintenance A powerful tool system for industry.

In addition, FLIR will also showcase the FLIR Si124 industrial acoustic imaging camera.

The FLIR Si124-PD acoustic imaging camera can help customers detect partial discharges in high-voltage electrical systems up to 10 times faster than traditional methods.

With 124 built-in microphones, this lightweight, one-handed solution generates accurate acoustic images, visually displaying ultrasonic information, even in noisy industrial environments. The acoustic image is transposed in real time onto the digital camera image.-TradeArabia News Service


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