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Teyana Taylor inspires awe in ‘One Thousand and One’ trailer

Teyana Taylor inspires awe in ‘One Thousand and One’ trailer

Teyana Taylor shine as a mother on business trip in the trailer one thousand and OneThe feature film is set in New York City and deals with themes of family, love, gentrification and more.

“I’m more interested in filling in the blanks,” explains writer-director AV Rockwell independent line About her inspiration.

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“There were no other films before this. I was just thinking about a lot of people I grew up with and mourning the home we had—feeling left out. I wanted to talk about that experience, but also about how New York was not only with me. The relationship to the community represented, but also to New York itself. I feel that as a New Yorker, I would be honored to make a film about the city like other filmmakers I admire, such as Spike Lee, Scorsese, Woody Allen. They’re really known as New Yorkers who make New York movies, but I’m writing a heartbreaking letter, not a love letter. I don’t really feel like I have many examples of this to criticize in my own way. New York breaks my heart. “

Teyana Taylor and Aaron Kingsley Adatora

(L to R) Teyana Taylor as “Inez de la Paz” and Aaron Kingsley Adetola as six-year-old “Terry” in writer/director AV Rockwell’s “One Thousand and One,” published by Focus Features

Collage by Teyana Taylor, Jonathan Majors and Sanaa Lathan

Collage by Teyana Taylor, Jonathan Majors and Sanaa Lathan

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The 2023 Sundance Film Festival will include films starring Teyana Taylor, Jonathan Majors, Sanaa Lathan…

one thousand and One Premiered at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival and won the American Jury Prize: Feature Film. Jury citations read:

“I’ve never met someone whose life was so similar to my own, presented in such nuance and tenderness. I walked out of the theater crying in front of people I barely knew because this movie touched my heart , and pulled out of it every emotion I’ve learned to hide in these spaces. As a jury, we know how impossible it is to make a work that’s authentic, pain-filled, and fearless, because it’s strictly committed to Emotional truths that stem from repressive circumstances.”

Aaron Kingsley Adetola as six-year-old

Aaron Kingsley Adetola stars as six-year-old “Terry” and Will Catlett as writer/director AV Rockwell’s “Terry” One Thousand and One”, distributed by Focus Features.

Additionally, Will Catlett, Josiah Cross, Ewen Courtney and Aaron Kingsley Adetola also star. one thousand and One Produced by Eddie Vaisman, Julia Lebedev, lena weitRishi Rajani and Brad Weston, and executive produced by Oren Moverman and Jamin OBrien.

one thousand and One Released nationwide on March 31. Watch the trailer above.

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