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Thani Al Zeyoudi Joins World Investment Forum to Expedite Investments in High-Potential Markets

Dr. Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, UAE Minister of State for Foreign Trade, has actively engaged in high-level meetings with global ministers during the 8th World Investment Forum (WIF) hosted in Abu Dhabi. These meetings emphasize the UAE’s commitment to trade and investment as drivers of long-term sustainable growth.

Focus on Africa and Key Sectors

The growing importance of Africa in the UAE’s economic investment strategy, particularly in energy, logistics, and food security sectors, was a central theme during these discussions. High-ranking ministers from countries like Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Mauritius, and Cabo Verde participated in these talks.

A Global Outlook: World Investment 

Dr. Al Zeyoudi also had constructive dialogues with ministers from Sri Lanka and Colombia, reflecting the UAE’s increasingly global perspective.

Strengthening Partnerships: World Investment 

Al Zeyoudi stressed that these meetings contribute to bolstering the UAE’s position as a vital partner in global economic development. He highlighted the importance of foreign trade and investment in fostering sustainable economic development, knowledge sharing, and industrial productivity.

Championing Innovation: World Investment 

During the WIF, the UAE showcased its commitment to innovation. The minister met with executives of pioneering private-sector companies operating in areas like clean energy and med-tech. He lauded their innovative ideas and invited them to explore the UAE’s dynamic business ecosystem.

Digital Government Excellence

Al Zeyoudi attended the World Investment Forum’s Global Digital Government Awards, underscoring the UAE’s achievements in digitizing government services. In 2022, the UAE ranked first in the Arab region and 13th globally in the UN’s E-Government Development Index.

A Platform for Global Dialogue

The 8th WIF, themed ‘Investing in Sustainable Development,’ provided a platform for over 9,000 government officials, business leaders, investors, and decision-makers from 155 countries to address key issues, including climate action, clean energy, healthcare, and food security.

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