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The Best Original TV Series Coming to Netflix in April 2023

They say April showers bring May flowers.If so, then Netflix is back again with original shows during the rainy season. From brand new series to returning episodes, we’ll have plenty to watch throughout April. We have a wide range of contrasting types to choose from.

Netflix’s original programming has been strong. Back in 2011, black mirror is Netflix’s first original series. Since then, the streaming service has come a long way when it comes to original entertainment, and it doesn’t disappoint.and popular original like strange things and heart block, April will only update the list with interesting shows. So let’s see what Netflix has to offer.

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Beef (April 6)

Netflix Original Series Beef

A24 Studios is back, partnering with Netflix for this original dark comedy series.The lead actor of this play is Wang Liping As Amy Liu and Steven Yeun, as Danny Cho. Danny and Amy are two strangers whose lives are intertwined during a road rage incident. These two characters are diametrically opposed in livelihood and personality. As their resentment mounts, their lives and relationships suffer more and more, and the beef between them, no pun intended, starts to consume them. A24 Studios specializes in comedies or series with very dark themes.They’ve also dabbled in crime, thrillers and even horror on the show crystal lake. from the creator of Euphoria, beef Sure to be another great TV show from a great entertainment studio.

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Transatlantic (April 7)

Netflix Original Series Transatlantic

This Netflix Original period drama series Will tell a true story that happened in the 1940s during World War II. A journalist named Varian Frye and an American heiress Mary Jayne Gold formed the Emergency Rescue Committee. Their goal was to help artists and writers escape the Nazis in France and immigrate to the United States. transatlantic draw inspiration From this true story and a 2019 novel by Julie Orringer flight combination, which is a fictionalization of the Emergency Rescue Committee, Fry and his adventures. This period drama series is a great way to reintroduce us to one of the scariest times in our history from a different perspective. Looking back at our history helps us understand where we are now. It seems enlightening and entertaining to see events that most history books don’t discuss.

Floridian (April 13)

Netflix Original Series The Floridian

we all know florida. It started as a recurring meme in 2013 news articles and broadcasts about men in Florida engaging in strange crimes or activities. Over the past decade, what started as a meme has morphed into various forms of entertainment.Now we’re launching an original Netflix series in April, aptly titled floridaThe story follows a former police officer named Mike Valentine who returns to his hometown of Florida in search of his runaway girlfriend from a Philadelphia gangster. As the show’s official line puts it, what should have been a fairly easy job turned into “a wildly spiraling journey deep into subterranean family secrets, and increasingly trying to do right in a place where so much is wrong.” more futile.” While it will be a crime drama, the entire show should be a comedy. Maybe Mike will clash with other Floridians in past new articles or memes as a sort of cameo.

Firefly Alley (Final Chapter) (April 27)

Netflix Original Series Firefly Lane

Fans of the Netflix original were pleasantly surprised by the announcement Firefly Lane. Season 2, last season of the series, is divided into two parts. The first nine episodes of this season premiere on December 2, 2022. The final seven episodes of season 2 were originally scheduled to release on June 8, 2023. Now the premiere has been advanced to April 27th!Now there are fewer good dramas and more waiting, but it also means Firefly Lane It will end sooner than we expected. For those who may not know, this series is about two best friends named Kate and Tully. They were friends from their teens all the way into their 40s, supporting each other through good times and bad. Episode 9 of season 2 left us on the hook when Kate discovered a large rash on her breasts and was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.

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Netflix has many genres for us to watch this coming April. From black comedy to period drama, who would have thought The Floridian would return as a TV show? Plus, another soon-to-be masterpiece from a great studio with a reputation for excellence. Who could ask Netflix for more in April? So get ready for another fun original series!

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