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The MGM Arena in Las Vegas is a futuristic concert venue with the world’s largest LED screen



It crouches over the Las Vegas skyline like a gigantic spaceship, black and mysterious—until nightfall, when it glows like Earth in space.

this MSG balls With nearly three months to go before U2 will open to the public, U2 will host a series of concerts to name the entertainment venue. But expectations are growing.

Tip superlative. At 366 feet high and 516 feet wide, it is billed as the largest spherical structure in the world. Its bowl-shaped theater reportedly has the world’s highest-resolution wrap-around LED screen. Its exterior houses 1.2 million puck-sized LEDs that can be programmed to flash moving images on a massive scale — again, reportedly the largest in the world. It was fully illuminated for the first time on Tuesday night in celebration of National Day.

Making progress in a city with the Bellagio is not easy dancing fountainA half scale replica eiffel tower second tallest watchtower in the Western Hemisphere and beam of light It can be seen hundreds of miles away.

But “Sphere” elicited an enthusiastic response from those who saw it.

“There’s nothing like it. It’s light years ahead of everything out there,” said U2’s The Edge on a tour of the venue In a recent Apple Music video.

Bizuayehu Tesfaye/Las Vegas Review-Journal/AP

The MSG Sphere at The Venetian Hotel was taken on March 20, 2023 in Las Vegas.

“It’s absolutely amazing to look up and see what’s in front of you,” said Rich Claffey, Sphere’s Chief Operating Officer. “I’ve been in the entertainment business for almost 40 years. I’ve never seen anything like it, and I’m not exaggerating. It’s record breaking.”

The exterior of the sphere is illuminated with animations and other images every day and night, sometimes in relation to the seasons. For example, it can transform into a giant pumpkin on Halloween and a snow globe on Christmas.

some people have joke on twitter Its massive, spinning visuals can cause traffic accidents.

the venue will host music, film events and some sporting events

The designer of the sphere is high populationis the global construction firm behind many of the world’s top stadiums. Construction costs inflated by the pandemic have climbed to $2.3 billion, more than the Sphere’s flashiest Las Vegas neighbors, including the Bellagio and Allegiant Stadium.

The Universal Studios, which seats nearly 18,000 people, is located a long block east of the famous Las Vegas Strip and will be connected to the Venetian Resort by a walkway.

Provided by Sphere Entertainment

An artist’s rendering of a cross-section of the sphere, showing the bowl and atrium inside the structure.

Scheduled to open on September 29th with “U2:UV Achtung Baby Live at Sphere,” a 25-show concert series revolving around the Irish band’s landmark 1991 album “Achtung Baby” and running through December mid. Tickets start at $140.

The venue will also host the “postcards from earthDarren Aronofsky’s film promises to take full advantage of Sphere’s big screen, offering audiences a jaw-dropping tour of Earth.

“Most music venues are stadiums. They’re designed for sports, not music. They’re not made for art,” U2’s Bono said in an Apple Music interview.

“This building was built for an immersive film and performance experience…you can’t come here to watch a hockey game.”

In November, the street circuit for the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix will run through the Sphere, and the arena eventually hopes to host boxing, mixed martial arts and other events as well.

But the Sphere’s main draw may be as a live music venue, especially the big residency that Vegas is known for.

Provided by Sphere Entertainment

An artist’s rendering of the auditorium inside the sphere, with images of the ocean floor projected on its wraparound LED screen.

The performances on stage are dwarfed by towering 16K LED screens that cover a large portion of the audience and can enhance the concert experience with psychedelic animations or close-ups of the performers.

“The screen goes all the way from the ground (horizontal) to 250 feet high…” says Claffey, Sphere Operations Officer. “When you’re sitting in that bowl, it completely immerses you in it. I used to love IMAX in New York, but now it just blows me away.”

The makers of Sphere also promise a higher level of audio. Claffey says more than 160,000 speakers are distributed around the bowl, delivering the same pure sound to every seat, whether in the top row or on the floor.

The venue also features haptic seats that vibrate in response to whatever happens on the screen, such as an earthquake, and 4D machines that can generate wind, temperature and even scent effects.

“The way I describe it to my friends and family is that it’s the entertainment of the future,” Claffey said.

If this all sounds a little hyperbolic, well — this is Vegas.

Whether Sphere can deliver on its extravagant promises remains to be seen. But if it works, the live music experience may never be quite the same.


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